HOLLYWOOD—I will admit the pandemic has totally thrown me off my “The Walking Dead” A-game. It seems so long since we last chatted about the zombie apocalypse, the remaining episodes of season 10 kind of snuck up on me. With that said, the series returned on Sunday night with a big episode, ‘Home Sweet Home’ which saw a fan favorite Maggie (Lauren Cohan) return to the foray in a major way people. One thing that is for sure, the Whisperers are out, and the Reapers are in!

Yes, we have new baddies in place to wrap up the remaining episodes for season 10. Maggie had a conversation with Judith about the whereabouts of Michonne just as Maggie came face-to-face with Negan. Oh, that was a stare down people and it looked like Maggie was OUT FOR BLOOD! Negan you should be worried. Carol and Daryl were forced to have a conversation with Maggie about Negan’s presence. Friction is building and that is a major concern people.

Frustration was getting to Maggie, as walkers dawned in their presence, and she suffered a nasty cut on her arm as a result. Kelly and Daryl sensed that anger as a direct result of learning about Negan’s presence in the group. Maggie poured out her emotions to Daryl who listened to the plight she has endured.

Maggie learned that Kelly’s sister, Connie is still missing, and as viewers know, Connie is very much alive form that last cliffhanger viewers were delivered months ago. The bond between Kelly and Connie is quite strong and Kelly is determined to find her sister at all costs even if it places her in massive danger. It’s all a question about finding her.

The hunt culminated with Maggie and her pals warning of the new danger finding them: the Reapers. This new threat seems like a formidable one, as Maggie was frantic about her son’s location and wanted to stay mum on exactly what the Reapers are capable of. I’m dying to know the face behind this mask people. Who the hell is this person and what’s with the damn mask, it is Elijah who has endured some tough times.  If you ask you shall receive and it was an emotional bonding moment for Kelly. Damn Daryl does not mess around when it comes to encountering a stranger people.

The Reapers appear hunter-like. They lie in the shadows in camouflage and when you least expect that is when they strike and they took out several members of Maggie’s clan in brutal fashion. Maggie was captured by one of the Reapers’ traps. A member of the Reaper, who mentions the name Pope, but he refused to speak as he blew HIMSELF to pieces. Wow, whenever a member of the crew is willing to die so others won’t be compromised you’re dealing with dangerous people.

After all the turmoil, Maggie was reunited with her son, just as Kelly and Elijah became closer people, as Maggie offered a listening ear. The journey continued as the episode culminated with the reunion of Maggie, Daryl and Kelly with Carol and the others back in Alexandria just as Maggie was forced to come face-to-face with Negan; the man who killed her husband and the father of her child.

Yeah, I would argue a war is coming between Maggie and Negan and I’m not so sure Negan will be lucky this time around. Looks like Alexandria is the new home for our heroes. I am indeed intrigued people. New episodes of “The Walking Dead” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.