HOLLYWOOD—It looks like “The Walking Dead” is focused on character arcs for the remaining episodes of the season. Last week, Father Gabriel and Aaron, this week, Princess, Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekiel and what transpired after they were captured.  This week’s episode, ‘Splinter’ gave the audience more details about that cliffhanger for the mid-season finale of season 10. Who were these people, why did they kidnap our protagonists and what is the endgame here people?

Princess was suffering a bit of post-traumatic stress as a result of the capture, and it allowed the audience to learn a bit about her past. Yumiko was in close proximity to Princess who was hoping to find a way to escape. Our eccentric character was concerned about Yumiko who may have suffered some serious injuries after being accosted by the men in white trooper suits as I call them.

We learned that Princess lived in a troubled household where her mother allowed her to be abused, but the story was cut short after Yumiko passed out and was taken for treatment.  Yumiko found a way to escape her entrapment and was warned by Eugene to not do anything that would make the situation worse. She found herself being interrogated where it delivered little to no information to our unknown threat, I am assuming at this point, which led to Princess getting slapped to the ground as she pestered for information about Yumiko’s condition.

Just as Princess attempted escape she returned back to her cabin, to be surprised by Ezekiel who managed to escape and reunited with newfound pal. Princess started to question the situation, as Ezekiel made it clear that the people who are holding them cannot be trusted. It was apparent that strike to Princess’ face has taken a toll on her jaw and teeth. Ezekiel managed to take out on of the troopers, and Princess was worried sick about what could happen.

With a hostage in hand, Princess started to ask questions about Yumiko and Eugene. This mystery guy pleaded his case that his people are the good guys; they are here to help those in need. Placing people into carts secluded is to ensure their safety as well as others. The hostage pulled a fast one knocking out Princess, before Ezekiel lost it and went ham on the rookie. Whoa, I was just thrown for a loop as I realized Ezekiel was NOT even there, Princess has been hallucinating!  Princess is suffering from PTSD and depression.

That was a crazy twist people because it was Princess who pummeled this guy to the core. What is going on with this unique character? Princess was ready to escape, but the hallucinations continued to play mind tricks on her and in the worse way possible. Her conscience was saying one thing, while here heart was saying something else. Princess led her hostage go, even though his face was a bloody mess.

Princess was hoping to negotiate a deal by answering the ‘boss’ and his questions about the good, the bad and the ugly about her new pals. The problem with this entire episode is as a viewer we have NO IDEA as to what we witnessed. What was true? What was all in Princess’ head and what does this mean moving forward. Bags were placed over our protagonists’ heads and they’re being led to a place unknown.

Princess was a birth of fresh air when she first appeared on the scene and is still proving there is more to this woman than we know. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!