HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s season seven premiere for “The Walking Dead” was brutal, just brutal people. So after so much shock and death last week, it was nice that this week’s episode, ‘The Well’ gave the audiences a reprieve from the mayhem. The episode kicked off with Carol and Morgan finding themselves being transported by their new pals, but along the way they got ambushed by walkers. A disoriented Carol, ventured off, but soon found herself in danger, but a group of individuals on horses took out those walkers.

Morgan and Carol soon found themselves inside a new community, one similar to Alexandria; with tons of vibrancy, but ‘The Kingdom’ has a notable leader in Ezekiel (Khary Payton). Ezekiel is indeed a unique character, who is guarded at all times by his pet tiger, Shiva who defends at all costs. Carol was quite speechless at what she witnessed, it was sort of sarcasm if you ask me. I’m stunned I’ve never seen Carol so giddy; it almost felt as if she was developing a crush of sorts. After leaving Ezekiel’s presence, Carol revealed her true feelings, acknowledging that she wants to escape as soon as possible.

Ezekiel, Morgan and his comrades went hunting for little piglets courtesy of walkers as bait. Why the secret regarding the truth about the pigs? I think I know the answer, those pigs are seen as payment for Negan and his army. What better way to take out the enemy than by poisoning them?

Morgan was asked by Ezekiel to train Ben, who reminds me of Eugene; a guy wanting to be a hero, but who does not yet possess the skills to do so. Looks like Morgan is indeed bonding with Ben as he prepares him for battle. Yep, I was indeed correct, Negan’s presence is everywhere, and his minions came to pick up payment, unaware that those slaughtered pigs contain zombie body parts.

Richard did not take kind to one of Negan’s minions taunting his authority around. Jeez, I swear Negan’s army is boiling my blood more than I can fathom. It will be a treat to see some of these pathetic ‘followers’ meet their maker and for Negan to finally meet an adversary that is not afraid to bring him down a major notch or two. Ben shared with Morgan his tale of losing his father, making their bond that much stronger in my opinion. Yes, it looks like an uprising could soon transpire. I mean if those from ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘Alexandria’ unite they could overtake Negan and his army.

Ezekiel was taken aback when he discovered that Carol was ready to vacate ‘The Kingdom,’ but he utilized his words to sway her to stick around. She was brutally honest with our noble one, and he took her criticisms without raising an eyebrow, and shared a bit of his past at the same time. So Ezekiel’s past goes back to the zoo, what a coincidence people. He was determined to ‘rescue’ Carol, who didn’t really need it. Carol is indeed headstrong; no matter what you say, she will always do what is best for her. I’m surprised that Morgan didn’t follow her; perhaps, he sees a larger calling by staying at ‘The Kingdom.’ Only if he knew precisely what just happened to Rick and the others back in Alexandria.

Carol was settling in that nice cozy house, she first spotted, and was surprised to get a visit from Ezekiel and Shiva. I am looking forward to next week’s episode as we get to see what is going on with Daryl since he’s been captured by Negan. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!