HOLLYWOOD—The end has come America. After more than 11 years, the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” ended its run on Sunday, November 20. Yes, it has been a long time coming and with that said, the episode amply titled, ‘The Series Finale’ was indeed a thrilling ride, full of scares, shocking moments and screams as a viewer. The episode opened with Judith in the hospital, bleeding from that gunshot wound slightly from her mouth, as walkers attempted to get inside the hospital. Judith fighting with every ounce of energy she had, did her best to secure the entrance, as she and Daryl lied on the floor waiting to be rescued. Two minutes into the episode and I’m already hooked people.

That was a flash-forward people, that witnessed, residents of the Commonwealth fighting to survive, and unfortunately, Jules and Luke suffered horrific fates. I still can’t believe our protagonists managed to escape all that melee! Luke lost his leg, Daryl was ok, but Judith even though she lost a lot of blood was still alive. Daryl was adamant to go after Pamela who was hiding out in her mansion wanting everyone else to fend for themselves. Yumiko, Connie, Kelly and Magna were by Luke’s side as he took his final breath. Yeah, it was a moment to witness, as Magna took him out of his misery.

In a thrilling moment, Rosita showed what a mother will do to protect her child when she stumbled upon a housing unit where the kids were being held captive and Coco was just mere minutes from becoming a walker meal. With Gabriel and Eugene, by her side it was now time for them to escape. Judith awoke, but after a conversation with Daryl she lost consciousness again. Daryl and Carol had to secure the hospital, as they did their best to assist the others, as one of the walkers, utilized a rock to break the glass and all sorts of chaos ensued.

Back in that ambulance, Gabriel and Eugene used firepower to carve out a path, but they were swarmed no matter what they did. They used a pole on the wall to crawl up a building to a window where Rosita fell to the ground and looked like a goner, but managed to fight to survive, and it was not looking great, but she managed to get to safety. Gosh, this episode has literally gasping every second.

Aaron, Ezekiel, Maggie and Mercer were making other plans to secure everyone else and get Judith the help needed to ensure her survival. Aaron did his best to reassure Lydia that all will be ok, just as she was certain that Elijah was a goner. Maggie was worried what Negan might due and went searching for him to ensure that he had no other angle. Negan wanted to take out Pamela to ensure she suffered no backlash, as a result. Dammit, just as I suspected, Rosita did get bit by a walker when she fell, and Eugene discovered it first as Rosita did her best to spend every moment with Coco.

I swear out of all the people left on this series, she was the one person I DID NOT want to see die because she has been the emotional heart of the series for so long America. The waterworks people; this episode is just delivering them left and right for me. Mercer and the others were united in saving the Commonwealth. Back at Pamela’s estate, she found herself cornered with guns drawn, as residents of the Commonwealth fought at the gates for survival.

Mercer confronted Pamela about her betrayal, as walkers neared their location. Gabriel made the first move to rescue the people, but with guns drawn, Daryl took a stand, and pushed for the gates to be opened, and other soldiers lowered their guns and opened the gates. Mercer arrested Pamela for her actions, just as Maggie and Negan were ready to shoot her dead. The gates were open in a nick of time, with Lydia reuniting with Elijah. Jerry was worried about his family, just Pamela came face-to-face with Lance Hornsby and she pushed herself to the walkers, almost as a sacrifice, but Maggie shot that walker dead before Pamela could sacrifice herself.

Loud music was used to divert the walkers, just as a fiery and explosive plan was being implemented to take out the walkers once and for all. It was perhaps the most visually stunning dismantling of walkers I can recall seeing in the entire 11 seasons I have been watching this series. What a way to take out a horde of walkers people. Pamela Milton found herself behind bars, Negan and Maggie came to a resolution about their relationship, just as Maggie forgave him, even though, I’m sorry, I would NOT allow such a man to live after what he took. It was the first time I can recall Maggie saying Glenn’s name in such a long time. Oh, Judith spilled to Carol and Daryl that Michonne and Rick are out there and alive.

All seems well, as our heroes enjoyed a delicious meal. Daryl bid adieu to Negan, just as it became clear Magna and Yumiko never stopped loving one another. However, the elephant in the room, Rosita’s time was near, as Gabriel learned that the woman he cares about was bitten and her time is coming. Judith also discovered that secret from afar. Carol and Maggie learned about Rosita’s fate as they allowed her to spend her final moments with her daughter, Coco. Gabriel stood by Rosita’s side, as Daryl watched from a distance, before Eugene entered the room to spend his pal’s final moments with her before her transition. Ugh, out of all the people, why couldn’t it be Eugene over Rosita?!

Thank God, the shows did NOT force us to watch Rosita be taken out. We got a flash-forward to 1 year later with Eugene and Max welcoming their daughter, ‘Rosie’ into the world. During that time, it was announced that Ezekiel is the new Governor, with Michael Mercer as his Lt. Governor people. The bond between Connie and Daryl has always been sweet people. Lydia delivered a gift to Judith from Negan.

Maggie delivered news to Daryl and Carol about the future, and her quest to journey outside Alexandria to find out what else is out there. Cue the spinoff between Negan and Maggie in New York. Whereas, Carol bid farewell to Daryl who was jetting off once again, leaving our ferocious one in tears, as he left the compound. However, the final moments of the episode, finally gave the audience a glimpse of Michonne and Rick, as the audience got a flashback of all the iconic characters we lost during the series. Michonne was writing a letter to Judith, just as Rick was writing a letter. Yes, Michonne and Rick are fighting reunited with one another.

Where is Rick, who knows, but it is some place near the beach or water, where it’s impossible for him to escape, however, the smile on his face seemed to signal he reunited with a familiar face people. It has been a blast watching this series for the past decade plus, but that was indeed a fitting end to a series that became beyond a guilty pleasure for so many Americans. It indeed has been an epic ride to say the least.