UNITED STATES—Casino games in West Virginia are on another level after Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation to ensure more licenses for sportsbooks. The aim is to fix the bills regarding betting in the previous year.

Recently, Del. Mark Sickles gave HB 1847 to Ralph for a sign at the same time when Northam was signing SB 1254 that he received from Sen. Jeremy McPike. These bills were significant in many areas but, above all, meant to fix the mess in the legislation to achieve the best online casinos in West Virginia.

The licenses will cover various online platforms and devices. According to last year’s data, licensing Casino-related sports in West Virginia was not among the 12 mobile licenses. From now henceforth, there will be licenses for mobile casino apps.

The West Virginia operators will provide licenses for casino games to increase the number of sportsbooks to 18. However, this will not be the limit because there are already measures to expand the market potential.

The Available Licenses for WV Sportsbooks

There are a lot of licensed sportsbooks in West Virginia. A constant figure to give the exact number of these sportsbooks is not yet there. We would recommend you to choose the following are the nine top sportsbooks in the WV lottery category.

  1. Bally Bets

It is among the best and latest betting Sportsbooks in the market. Most people prefer Bally Bets because of the following benefits:

  • They give customers amazing offers at the entry stage
  • They allow you to link with other sports networks in your region
  • The sportsbook has an app that works comfortably with both the iPhone and Android operating systems
  • It offers excitement to players in the betting markets for sports


There is no clear information about the bonuses from bally bets, so it is not easy to tell whether a new user will receive pretty offers. We can only assure you of the bonus you will gain after making the first deposit for a match. You will receive between $500 and $1,000 in most cases.

  1. Barstool Sportsbook

West Virginia launched Barstool Sportsbook officially. It will be very competitive in the betting market in the coming months. It is full of incredible odds, boosts daily, and bonuses at the beginning. It gives customers up to $1,000 for the first trial to do not suffer from any loss.

Barstool sports give promotions to their new players. All these fantastic benefits are allowing the app to lead in the betting market.

Expect the following from Barstool sportsbook:

  • The app is working on binding its brand with a complex gambling app so that a new individual may not appreciate it. It means that you will have to put more effort into understanding its operational procedures. It may sound scary but, it’s coming with considerable benefits to the users.
  • The app will remain strong in the market. It involves fun in fixing the odds and bonuses. This way, it will capture interest, and anybody will wish to work with it.
  • Gives you a pure interface that will ensure that you face fewer difficulties scrolling through the available betting markets.
  • Expect numerous outstanding odds, boosters daily. It has all the means possible to increase its payout to the customers.
  1. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars sportsbook is focusing on becoming the leading online betting platform for sports in the current and future market in West Virginia. The idea began immediately after Caesars Entertainment, the mother company, bought William Hill for a total of $4 billion in 2021.

The only online sports betting site that launched a bet of up to $5,000, free from risk intending to attract more customers; this is the maximum betting bonus in WV. Statistics show that it is more than five times the available welcome bonus in other betting sites.


  • It gives the highest welcome bonus in WV
  • Availability of desktop site and mobile app
  • Large scale betting limits


  • Takes time before releasing bonus funds
  • It may be slow to make withdrawals at times
  1. BetRivers

It is also one of the top licensed Sportsbooks by WV. It allows you to choose your location before you begin working with it. It has admirable odds, which are very competitive. BetRivers is topping the list of best apps for gambling.

Here you use the Rush Rewards card to stake your wagers then you get the points and credits after using every $10 in betting. This platform is fast to use. Just set it up in your smartphone or open any browser and fix it to start participating.

It gives an illusion of real-life gaming because of the High Definition of LED Wall and super brilliant stadium.

  1. DraftKings Sportsbook

It is another fantastic sportsbook you would want to have. DraftKings is a bit different from other apps because it is limited to specific countries. You can only access the app in the United States of America, Canada, West Virginia, and other authorized regions. In fact, Zamsino is the top choice in Canada, thus making DraftKings Sportsbook have a broader market.

It gives pleasure in gaming, leaving you with joy and satisfaction in every participation. It is a legitimate casino game that will give you 100% expected results. Get a DraftKings account 3 to join and play comfortably. The app comes with many games such as blackjack, live dealer, video poker, and many others.

  1. FanDuel Fantasy and Sportsbook

It is a super and the current destination where you can play online fantasy sports. The idea of online fantasy sports began in 2019 when the company thought of a system where fans could play games to win real money.

FanDuel has never experienced competition, according to an intelligence report stating that there is no better play to participate in the gaming.

Other licensed sportsbooks include:

  1. BetMGM
  2. Golden Nugget
  3. William Hill


Grab your betting app today to enjoy a great gambling and gaming experience from the above list. The top nine sportsbooks are secure, legit, and give you real cash prizes after winning the game. They are free to download and user-friendly. Always visit our website to find more blogs like this on any topic of your choice.