HOLLYWOOD—Live Nation announced on September 10 its support to encourage the public access to voting in the 2020 elections, which includes offering The Wiltern and Hollywood Palladium as 2020 polling venues.

Live Nation’s project includes providing Live Nation-owned concert venues as polling venues, providing its employees with paid holidays for voting, giving its employees opportunities to serve as poll workers, and cooperating with organizations for increasing access to voting and educational efforts.

Live Nation is planning to use more than 100 concert venues across the country as polling places, and The Wiltern and Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles and Emo’s in Austin and the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta have already been confirmed as each distribution’s polling site. The Fillmore in Philadelphia is in the final stages of the vetting process.

Live Nation will give its employees one half-day of paid time off at most on Election Day in November. In addition to that, the company will provide an employee with one day of paid time off to serve as a poll worker, to ease the national shortage of poll workers under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live Nation has partnered with several non-partisan organizations to protect anyone’s right to vote and take actions to form the country. For example, it is cooperating with HeadCount, trying to inspire fans to register to vote by using musicians’ influence. People can check voter status, register to vote, and learn how to exercise their right to vote in November on HeadCount’s website: www.headcount.org/livenation 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Live Nation’s music venues have been closed under the county’s orders. Some concerts may not resume until 2021.