POINT OF VIEW—It’s November 13, five days after the November 8, General Election, and we still don’t have the results yet. Politicians, candidates, and voters are all getting frustrated.

Biden And Fetterman

Pennsylvania declared a win for John Fetterman. Fetterman immediately filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania election board for not counting ballots that were not dated.

Excuse me Pennsylvania, there was an election issue in 2020 when post office workers were changing the date stamp for ballots to be counted. With all of the precautions taken to ensure a secure election, this should not have happened, especially in the same state twice.

So now, Pennsylvania declares John Fetterman a winner. Dr. Oz conceded. This is claimed as fact. Fetterman is the winner. There is no indication that there will be a recount. Fetterman has said his victory speech.

Maricopa, Arizona may not have their counts in until as late as Wednesday, November 16. This is the same county that was accused of fraud in 2020. The voting machines were not working properly, and the printers in several counties were not serviced and ready to go.  They needed ink and toner.

Kari Lake, the contender in Arizonas’ heated Governor’s race against Democrat incumbent, Katie Hobbs. Lake relayed her feelings on Arizona’s lack of voting integrity on Fox News on November 13.

First, she called out Arizona, which has these problems every two years, as “embarrassing,” she’d “wait”, and that “All the candidates should wait until every vote is counted. God is giving us a lesson in patience.”

Nevada does not have their counts in either. It’s too close to call. Georgia is the same, however since it’s such a close race, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker will have a run-off election on December 6th.

The key issues are the economy and abortion. When it comes to the issues, there is nothing more serious. How could a Nation turn its back on its people?

As always when something goes wrong, the media starts blaming former President Donald Trump. No blame is cast on the current President. Two years after he left office, it’s all still considered, Trump’s fault.

People can’t see through the deception either. It’s like trying to find your way through a very dense fog.

It’s been said that the only way the Democrat party would win the House this time would be if the silent majority stayed home. Well, they didn’t. They voted. California is turning red again. Alabama was solid red. Florida was solid red, as was Illinois.

Ohio is called blue, but the famous J.D. Vance took a Senate seat in Ohio. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, and New Hampshire voted Democrat.

The rest of the Nation is turning red, much like a blush rising up on the cheeks of Lady Liberty. This indeed will be a hard race to call. Hopefully, the truth will prevail.