HOLLYWOOD—There is a reason that the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” won the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series: the soap is striking hot with a bevy of storylines. The entire Andre DiMera murder mystery has finally culminated with the true culprit: Abigail Deveraux being unveiled to the residents of Salem. Now, some of you might be asking, well what about Gabi? That is a great question, but it will have to wait a bit as the District Attorney is about to have a ton of egg on her face.

Anyway, Chad found a way to break-free through Dr. Laura to get Abigail to return to reality, but this will only usher in more chaos as she’ll confront her dark truth. What is that dark truth? The audience learned this week that Abigail murdered Andre in self-defense and that was the beginning of many revelations that was certain to leave audiences in a tizzy to say the least. Kate, Marlena and Vivian, escaped Dr. Laura machinations that almost left them devoid of oxygen, but Paul, Hope and John came to their rescue.

However, the friction between Kate and Vivian exploded this week and in a massive way. Not only was Kate still livid about her nemesis working alongside Andre (her lover), but she was right about Leo and Vivian’s relationship as well. The friction led to a catfight, and this time with weaponry. Would it end well, um, this is daytime TV so anything can happen, but the villainess we know as Vivian Alamain is no more. Yup, “Days of Our Lives” continues to prove they are NOT afraid to knock off major characters for storyline purposes. However, Viv was injected with something by someone. So I’m guessing she could be reborn ala Will Horton.

Speaking of Will, he’s desperate to get his story going about how he was miraculously brought back from the dead, well, Roger (the Elvis impersonator) came to Salem to deliver Will Dr. Rolf’s journal that contained some interesting information to say the least. I will argue that Viv’s demise might turn Stefan who is already wicked into his father himself. I mean it was apparent that he was very close to his mother and he will be out for blood, but time will indeed tell.

However, let’s talk about the juiciest bombshell to arrive in Salem: the return of Theresa Donovan. Yes, this is a character that we love to hate, and she has since reformed herself greatly since all that chaos she caused when she first arrived in Salem several years ago. I mean Jen Lilley is absolute perfection in the role America. Chloe never expected in her wildest dreams to come face-to-face with Theresa in Mexico, who dropped plenty of truths. Chloe, who thought Theresa just vanished, learned she was being held captive by Mateo, who is much more sinister than Chloe ever expected. As Chloe shared Brady’s current situation (he survived by the way), she was blown away by the revelation that Eve has stolen Brady’s heart.

Oh, this is about to make for some of the most entertaining drama in years. Why? Brady just poured out his heart to Eve, who while on the fence is ready to give Brady a chance. I sense a wedding in the near future, and trust we should expect Theresa to return to Salem like a tornado ready to cause more havoc. I can only imagine the tongue lashing Victor will endure from Maggie and Brady upon learning he was well aware of Theresa’s plight and situation.

This love triangle is about to become complicated; considering Brady loves so hard, there is no telling who he will align with. I sense Theresa because they have a child, but anything, and I mean anything can happen. There was one more hiccup in the madness, as Theresa came face-to-face with Xander in Mexico, and she thought Mateo was dangerous!

Oh, I have to point out Abigail learning about all her deeds behind the scenes, which floored her to say the least, especially involving Andre. Making the situation worse is that secret Chad has been keeping regarding Abigail and Stefan sleeping together. Chad called it rape, and to be honest it’s no lie because Stefan took advantage of someone who is unable to give consent. That’s going to be a charge very difficult for him to explain. So with the Andre story slowing wrapping, the attention is turning to another vixen’s return to daytime, and Theresa Donovan certainly looks like she is about to wreck a bit of havoc and alter a ton of lives when she returns to Salem, until we next chat “Days of Our Lives” fanatics.