MALIBU—Stage actor, reality star and celebrity fitness trainer Craig Ramsay uses his charm and good looks to win roles, but when it comes to making us healthier and reaching our fitness goals, the blond hunk believes in truth and honesty. “You must first be honest with yourself, set goals that are realistic, then trust me, your trainer,” said Ramsay. This week I caught the season finale of “Thintervention” on the Bravo channel, just to see my friend Craig and his co-host famed fitness trainer Jackie Warner. The two spent a season motivating contestants, who battled weight loss. All for different reasons. However, shining through each episode was Craig’s smile and his winning attitude.


The Canadian native spoke exclusively to me this week about the finale, his career goals and most importantly, what led a respected actor on the Broadway stage to seek out a career in fitness and to help others. “It initially started when my beloved mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was in a great deal of pain. I started studying healthy ways to deal with it, and after giving her advice, I decided to get myself fit and healthy and now I love helping others do the same,” said Craig.

Now internationally recognized in the fitness industry for his extensive knowledge and for more than 10 years of experience transforming the health, bodies and lives of his clients. His versatile physical abilities, honed through his work as a trained contortionist, ballet dancer, hockey player, fitness model, Broadway, T.V. and film actor, have made him one of the most sought after trainers in the business. Craig establishes a special rapport with every client, from Hollywood’s top celebrities to professional sports teams, and proudly accepts his title of “World’s Nicest Trainer.”

That title made the unassuming hunk smile. The other passion in Craig’s life includes trying to help the youth of America who happen to be gay. He wants, like other stars who are currently speaking out, to teach kids that it does get better. “If I can use my fame and image in some positive way then I’m happy doing so. If we live in a society where being gay is not accepted by some kids’ own parents, the community around them and the government, then if I can’t make a stand to support them, then who can? I am just happy to be so busy,” said Ramsay.

Craig’s stage career was white hot, when he decided to land in Hollywood. He was considered by all accounts to be a triple threat, a rarity today on stage and in the entertainment industry. However, Hollywood is where he calls home today. “I moved out here two and a half year ago. Obviously coming from NYC and growing up in Canada, this was a different environment. But I’ve adapted,” said Craig.
When dealing with clients who call on him to help them meet their physical goals. Craig utilizes inspiration, determination and rarely gets frustrated with people. “But I have done so in the past. When I have clients who had a bad experience with a previous trainer and they don’t give me the respect to be open with me and trust me, then I feel like it’s a waste of their time and mine. Luckily that hardly ever happens,” the trainer replied.

When you are in Craig’s presence, he’s amazingly humble, never realizing the glances he is receiving by passersby. I asked him if the attention he receives has come from the fact that he is on a highly-rated reality series or if it’s something a handsome guy like himself gets used to. Laughing, Ramsay replied, “I haven’t really noticed to tell you the truth, Tommy.”

What one has to notice is the incredibly handsome face but also a firm and healthy look that is hard to believe anyone could make of themselves. “I enjoy working out, I go to the gym daily, eat healthy, but also by training others, I get a workout as well concluded Craig Ramsay. Though no word has come yet about the possibility of season two of “Thintervention,” fans have shown a desire to see the show continue.

Craig Ramsay is a personal trainer who is in high demand; however, he’s available for clients all over southern California, and the handsome star even does telephone consultations for those who are not brave enough to meet in person, but still want to start a regime of becoming healthier.

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