EVERLY HILLS —This has been a very hectic but exciting week in Hollywoodland. I was honored to have the opportunity to work with a talented award-winning director and an acclaimed television star on a soap. Let’s say I may be type cast in the role, but it was a lot of fun to tape. More on that next week. However, it was a lot of sad news with the deaths of legendary stars Peter Graves and Fess Parker. Both men I knew quite well and both made such an indelible impression on young people in an era when television was about clean entertainment and not reality stars eating insects. Ronn Moss, who stars as Ridge Forrester on “B&B,” didn’t think he’d make it past the first competition in “Dancing With The Stars Italy,” though the handsome star is going all the way to the season finale this weekend. There was also breakup news in Tinseltown that had nothing to do with Tiger Woods this time.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” icon Ronn Moss had his best night yet when faced with three rounds of challenges on “Dancing with the Stars Italy,” episode 9. In the first round, Ronn and his partner performed a near-perfect Samba, with judges scores 9-9-10-9-8 (45 points). When Ronn’s 20 bonus points from the previous episode were added to that, the total was a formidable score of 65. In round two, Moss was pitted directly against another competitor, with the outcome determined by a combination of both jury scores and viewers’ votes. Not only did the jury vote for Ronn four to one, but Ronn also won 70 percent of the viewers’ votes, giving him 20 more bonus points. Another surprise challenge was thrown at “B&B” star in the third round: he was required to improvise a dance with a friend or relative in the audience to music he’d never heard before. Ronn chose his friend, Italian fashion designer, Lavinia Biagiotti. They waltzed their way to a score of 9 points from the jury.

The episode won the ratings night in Italy with close to six million viewers.The final outcome will be revealed on Saturday, March 20, live from Rome, Italy. Take a look at Ronn’s wonderful performance along with back-stage clips of “B&B.”


Alternative rock band ACIDIC has announced that their new album “Getting Lucky” will be released nationwide on Tuesday, March 23. “Getting Lucky” is a follow-up to their 2009’s debut album “Ironic Dreams.” Lead singer/guitarist Michael Gossard said, “Working with Andrew and Liz has been a whirlwind of excitement and I couldn’t have pictured it more perfectly.” “This album changes the band’s trajectory, not just up but in a completely new direction from ”˜Ironic Dreams,’” says bassist Ted Dubrawski. Drummer Matt Whitaker concluded, “The direction of the band seems to be going nowhere but up. Since adding our second guitarist, Michael Thompson, our sound has become fuller and provides way more than we could have dreamed of as a three piece.”

ACIDIC will perform at The Canyon Club, 28912 Riverside Drive, Agoura Hills on Thursday, April 1. The show starts at 7 p.m. and ACIDIC will take the stage at 9 pm. Admission to the show is $10. Tickets can be purchased at the door or by visiting the Canyon Club Web site at canyonclub.net. The show is open to all ages.

Actors Peter Graves and Fess Parker are best known s standup men in the entertainment business, who put their families first and always appreciated and remembered their fans. Peter was living in his Santa Monica home at the time of his death. He was 83. Fess lived in Santa Barbara County and ran a very well known B&B and winery. He died at the age of 85. Both men will be remembered warmly in Hollywood as gracious men who were down to earth family men and real gentlemen.

Yet again, one of Tiger Woods’s reported mistresses has released some naughty text-messages from the golfer just as he announced that he will be part of The Masters Tournament next month. If those text-messages were not hot enough for Hollywood watchers. It seems that beautiful and talented Virginia native, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, is the latest actress who has won an Oscar and lost her husband soon after. From Halle Berry to Reese Witherspoon. Women in entertainment who have achieved the highest acting award possible have called it quits with their spouses soon after winning. When you think of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, no one had a clue that Jesse was cheating on Sandy, not even the beauty herself. A woman who claimed to be a former conservative Amish girl, tattooed from head to toe turned over to In Touch Weekly her alleged texts from Jesse and immediately after the news was given to Bullock by her publicist, she was moved out of the southern California home the couple shared with his children. Friends say Sandra is devastated and is taking a short leave of absence from her acting and promoting duties.

On Friday an appellate court ruled that the estate for the late Anna Nicole Smith was not in order to receive the large inheritance from Smith’s late husband J. Howard Marshall. The legal decision comes as another blow to the main beneficiary of Smith’s estate: her 3-year-old daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead. However, a lawyer for Smith’s estate says he will fight the ruling.

If you happen to be out in Hollywood this week, join me and lots of Tanna Frederick’s other fans and friends in cheering her on during Sunday’s L.A. Marathon. She’s hoping to do well enough to compete in the Boston Marathon later this year. Places we’ll be set up to hang around and holler words of support and hold signs are at Mile 10, Hollywood Boulevard, just west of Bronson Avenue at Hollywood and Gower. Mile 18, Little Santa Monica Boulevard, between Thayer and Fairburn at Santa Monica and Westholme and finally Mile 23, Santa Monica Boulevard, between 24th and 25th Streets. I’ll be yelling, “Look at that beautiful red head go!” What I won’t be yelling is, “Hey Tanna, some guy just finished the marathon. Even if it’s true, lets not tell her, ok?

Have a great week!

Photograph of Ronn Moss Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions.

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