BEVERLY HILLS—“Hot in Cleveland” ended its first season last Wednesday with a shocking and hilarious finale. Our beloved Betty White, who portrays Elka, was arrested for burglary. Betty White has now done it all, she’s portrayed a cold and uncaring mother on “B&B,” a nymph on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” a best friend on “The Golden Girls” and next month Betty will star in a film “You Again,” which also stars Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cloris Leachman and Patrick Duffy. Betty White will turn 89 in January, and the beautiful star shows no signs of slowing down. Congratulations to Betty, who proves you can be over the age of 40 and still work in this town. Look for further news on Miss White’s life story coming to a bookstore near you in the future.

Please remember Michael Douglas in your prayers and well wishes in the coming months, as the Oscar-winner will be undergoing treatment for throat cancer. In a joint statement with Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Michael has stated that the release of “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” will not be delayed due to the star’s recent diagnosis. The statement claims Douglas will still be part of the film’s promotion. The September 24 release is still a go. A spokesman for the 65-year-old actor says, “Michael is very optimistic.”

Outside of a Beverly Hills courtroom on Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley refused to answer questions, only commenting, that her client is doing good and there was no definitive word on whether Lohan will be released earlier than her 90-day sentence from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, which was ordered by the court. Lindsay has been at the facility since her late night release from an L.A. County jail on August 2. It’s been speculated that she will receive a million dollars for her first interview after she departs the facility. At least one movie role is also on hold for her upon her release.

On the subject of being careful what you tweet when on Twitter, tattoo artist Kat Von D tweeted that she is now dating Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James, then quickly deleted the message, which had already been circulated around cyberspace. Her representative has since told the media that her date last weekend in Las Vegas with Jesse was only two friends hanging out, and was not the beginning of a relationship.

Britney Spears has filmed an episode of “Glee.” There is no word on the airdate, but it seems that in addition to Spears appearing in an episode for the new season, Broadway and film star Cheyenne Jackson will be joining the series as well. Fans are excited about the show’s return in a couple weeks.

Jennifer Aniston has been blasted twice in the past week. After doing an interview in which she clearly stated that single women could start a family without the need to be married to a man. A cable news channel lambasted her claiming she was sending a bad message to 12 and 13-year-old girls. It, however, was clearly meant for grown women, in her position, who are financially able to take care of themselves and a family. Jennifer is a great role model and her words were taken out of context for political reasons. I’ve never seen a child read Harper’s Bazaar. Then days later a spokesperson for Special Olympics complained that she used the word “retard” during a television interview with “Regis and Kelly” on LIVE. Can Jen be left alone? She’s an actress, not Secretary of State. Here’s wishing Jennifer good luck with her film “The Switch,” which debuts this weekend.

Words can cause pain we all know. In the matter of Dr. Laura (Schlessinger), who has a national radio show giving out advice to people who call in to help solve their problems. An African American woman who was married to a white man complained to Dr. Laura about the use of the “n” word by her husband’s family and friends. Dr. Laura went on a tirade and used the word 11 times while yelling at her caller that she was being too sensitive. Dr. Laura has since announced her retirement at the end of the year, claiming she’s being attacked by people who want to silence her conservative voice. Then like clockwork, the perennial celebrity Sarah Palin, who quit her job as Governor of the State of Alaska in order to sell books and gain attention for her upcoming reality show, defended Dr. Laura on her Facebook page. Even though, just a year ago Palin was mortified and personally offended by the use of the word “retard” by a member of the Obama administration. Not to mention, just two years ago Dr. Laura chastised John McCain and the Republican Party for choosing Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate. Politics has very strange bed fellows.

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up! The use of words has become a way for people to attack their political opponents, while there seems to be no consistency on either side. Let us all calm down, people! Now celebrate the new season of Betty White’s “Hot in Cleveland,” which returns in January. Like millions of viewers I’m desperate to know how Elka will get out of this sticky situation.

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