BEVERLY HILLS—Lindsay Lohan reported to the L.A. Century jail on Monday. After many court watchers speculated that she’d file an appeal to the case, just before she was supposed to head to jail, her attorney actually did not file any paperwork. Lindsay was cuffed, then carted off to the jail where she is to serve her 90-day sentence. Most legal analysts believe she will only serve between 13 to 15 days and then will have to report to a drug and alcohol rehab center within 24 hours of her release.

This is perhaps the best thing for the young star, who is extremely talented and beautiful. A reader, Bobby Head, conveyed this week that it is sad to see such a talented actress in jail. I agreed, then added, that Lindsay has absolutely no respect for authority, she shows no remorse to the judge, so here’s hoping this will be a learning experience for her. We all know that we always show a judge respect whenever you are in court. Now maybe Lindsay will get the memo? Traffic in Beverly Hills was atrocious for hours after an unmarked car with tented windows drove Lindsay away from the Superior court house and to the jail where she’s currently staying.

By midweek, her father Michael Lohan was also charged with domestic harassment by his fiancé Kate Majors, who is the former Star tabloid reporter who was allegedly romantically involved with “Jon and Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin before his divorce from Kate. Majors alleges that on Monday, Lohan threw her out of a chair and allegedly kicked her in the face. Calls to Lohan’s attorney Lisa Bloom were not returned by press time. Lindsay Lohan has in the past accused her father of being a “monster,” and she currently refuses to see him or even speak to him, especially as he’s tried to contact her over the past months during her legal troubles. Lindsay’s next couple weeks will be tough on the actress. No Twitter, no hair extensions and no late night partying. Isn’t her life tough?

This week was no different for Mel Gibson than the past three. Still filled with scandal, accusations of abuse and further intrigue. Radaronline released two more portions of the tapes they have acquired of what is purported to be the voice of Mel Gibson yelling racial epithets and sexually provocative statements at his former girlfriend. Just when it seemed that Mel Gibson could receive no more high profile advice, the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was giving a speech on Thursday, then commented on how happy he is that it seems that BP has plugged the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Then added, “no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson.” I’m sure Mel Gibson would suggest the Governor deal with his billions of dollars deficit for the California government. However, any advice Gibson receives from his former friends seems to be good advice right now.

L.A. County authorities confirmed this week that both Gibson and his ex-girlfriend are under investigation for domestic violence and possible extortion. Seems like this story is going to be with us for a long time to come.

The L.A. Coroner’s office has concluded that Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack both died from a similar condition. Although both had a small amount of prescription drugs in their systems, as previously reported for Murphy, Monjack’s official cause of death is listed as acute pneumonia and severe anemia. Brittany Murphy’s mother asked the media this week to please stop speculating at this point about her daughter’s death and accept the coroner’s findings as fact. Monjack’s family is requesting another test to be conducted before the full autopsy report will be released. The report is expected to be released within weeks.

Good well wishes for my friend Zsa Zsa Gabor, who fell in her Bel Air home and had hip surgery last week at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Zsa Zsa is 93 years old and reports say she’s doing as well as to be expected.

Congratulations to Hollywood Hills based film star Orlando Bloom who secretly married supermodel Miranda Kerr earlier this month. Although the couple is reportedly on their honeymoon, the news slipped out when Kerr had to contact reps to cancel her appearance at the Australian department store David Jones. Also, TV star Christina Applegate has announced that she and fiancé Martyn Lenoble are soon to be married with a child on the way. The “Married with Children” star has beaten breast cancer and is very happy. Some good news in Hollywood, after all!

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