BEVERLY HILLS—Hollywood super couple Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson recently bought a $2.8M new home in the L.A. area. Scarlett, 25, wed Ryan, 33, in a ceremony at a Canadian wilderness retreat in September 2008. Next month is the beautiful couple’s second anniversary. Johansson is a fan of artist Thom Bierdz’s work. I wonder if any of his paintings bought by the sexy actress are going to be hanging on her walls?

Tinseltown’s sexiest mothers, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie, surprised people this week with a couple of exciting revelations. Halle admitted that she is still searching for true love and that although she and her former boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubrey, split earlier this year that she’s still a romantic at heart. How exciting for all the eligible bachelors in this town. Angelina Jolie revealed that the often eclectically dressed toddler Shiloh, her daughter, tells her parents what she wants to wear. This adorable kid is probably going to become as famous as her parents in the future.

Paris Hilton was sued last week by a hair extension company who says in their filing that Hilton was in jail in 2007 at the time of their launch party, and that she has failed to meet requirements of the $3.5M contract to promote and market their product. The company also claims that Paris has been wearing another company’s extensions. Hairtech is contending the company lost $6.6 million because of Hilton’s failure to follow through with her part of the agreement. The company is seeking $35M in damages. Hilton’s camp did not respond to a request for comment on this matter.

“Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher was also sued on Thursday. A former business partner, Jennifer Glassman, alleges that she was pushed aside and denied a promised 50 percent cut of revenue from the venture, ISBE Prods. Glassman formerly helped run the actress’s production company. Hatcher declined to comment.

Another important matter this week includes Mia Farrow testifying in the blood diamond trial involving the former Liberian leader Charles Taylor in the Netherlands just days ago. She was called to the stand to rebut the testimony of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s previous words. Campbell testified that she was unsure which two men working for Taylor gave her the diamonds, but Farrow says that one morning Campbell bragged to her about receiving the diamonds from the African dictator himself. Memo to Mia, Naomi has admitted on “Oprah” to beating up women who have disagreed with her in the past. Lets hope this doesn’t turn into a similar story.

Get well wishes go out to “American Idol” winner of season 3, Fantasia Barrino, who is recovering from a drug overdose near her home in North Carolina. On Monday a woman filed papers in court stating that Fantasia allegedly carried on an adulterous affair with her husband and that the songstress allegedly left her messages stating that the woman’s husband no longer wants her. Fantasia’s manager says the singer is back home resting and regrets any pain her words or actions may have caused others. That Fantasia was unaware the man was still with his wife.

Fox and “American Idol” has said no thanks to Jennifer Lopez joining their hit show as a celebrity judge. Nick Cannon has hinted that he thinks his wife Mariah Carey would be a great addition to the show, which is losing both Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell for the new season. Fox still refuses to announce who they are negotiating with to replace the three departing judges.

Oscar-winner Julia Roberts admits that she only allows her three children to have ice cream and sweets on special occasions. Although she gained 7 pounds while making “Eat Pray Love,” she says she is very strict on her kids about overeating.

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