BEVERLY HILLS —This week in Hollywoodland was filled with excitement and the dancers and musicians dominated the news coverage. Also, Tiger Woods spoke out on Friday about his sex scandal and Hollywood lost an MGM legend.

On Friday I caught up with the band ACIDIC’s guitarist, Michael Thompson to discuss their upcoming concert at one of Hollywood’s favorite musical venues, The Key Club, 9039 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles on Friday, February 26, at 9 p.m. When Thompson was asked about the recent flurry of concerts the popular band has been performing, he shared with Canyon News, “It’s crazy. It feels like just yesterday I played my first show at the Whisky, and now we’ve played there four times in three months! Not only that but gigs in Reno, San Diego and San Francisco, plus our ever constantly changing and growing schedule keeps us so busy.” Adding, “It is an intense schedule, I always find myself running out of time do to things during the day, but it’s very intense.” When pressed for details on any upcoming CD’s, Michael stated, “We’ve been working with some amazing producers to make an album called ”˜Getting Lucky.’ They’re very talented at what they do, really focused and captured the essence of the music.” Fans can order any of the band’s CD’s at


With Canyon News readers clamoring for details about “B&B” star Ronn Moss’s weekly commute from his home in Los Angeles to Italy. Here’s an update on the handsome star’s “Dancing With The Stars Italy” performance. The show started with a surprise improvisational test for all the contestants. Each couple had to dance through silent gaps in the music, to see if they could maintain the beat. Ronn danced a Paso Doble with his partner, Sara. After that, contestants were required to switch teachers and perform another improvised dance. Ronn danced a jive with another contestant’s teacher. He obtained scores: 7 – 7 – 9 – 7 – 7, for a total of 37 points. After that, Ronn performed a tango, in competition with another contestant, Barbara De Rossi. In spite of positive comments from the jury, Barbara De Rossi was the winner, due to her superior technical skills.

Next, Ronn competed with three couples for bonus points, with a repeat performance of his Tango, but was unsuccessful. Finally, Ronn performed a Charleston, competing directly with a previously eliminated contestant and won. Take a look at the following clip and see if you agree, Moss is not only a superior actor in television but a gifted dancer as well.

After jury scores and audience votes, Ronn remains in the competition, and will compete in episode 7, broadcast live from Rome, Italy on February 27. Moss promises Canyon News will be kept apprised of his work. Here’s to another safe trip to Rome and back home to Hollywood.

In other “B&B” cast member news, Alley Mills (Pam Douglas) and her husband, actor Orson Bean (“Desperate Housewives”) are confirmed presenters at the 18th Annual Faith and Values Awards Gala Presented by MovieGuide® this Tuesday, February 23, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Each year around Oscar® time, MovieGuide® hosts its annual show in Beverly Hills, where it rewards the best family-friendly movies and television shows from the previous year. It also rewards the best films for mature audiences and awards the $100,000 epiphany prizes and the $50,000 Kairos prize for spiritually uplifting screenplays sponsored by Sir John Templeton and the John Templeton Foundation. MovieGuide® is an international family guide to movies and entertainment.

Alley and her husband are also starring in Noel Cowards’s comedy, “A Song at Twilight” at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, from Saturday, January 16 through Sunday, March 7. For tickets and additional information, call 310-477-2055 or go to

Also, Tiger Woods came out on Friday in a compassionate and contrite way and apologized to his wife, mother, children, his sponsors and his team and entourage for his illicit affairs with more than 16 women, who have come forward to discuss their relationship with the golfing great. Woods acknowledged the damage he’s done to his reputation and the harm he caused his wife and family. He furthered denied any domestic abuse on his wife Elin’s part during the time around his Thanksgiving accident and asked the press to please stop following his wife, his mother and two toddlers. Here’s hoping the fans and the media will allow Tiger to put this unfortunate incident behind him and everyone move on from here.

On Thursday night Fantasia Barrino, who competed and won “American Idol” was performing “The Color Purple” at The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and received some startling and hurtful fan mail from a stalker, who went into a racist tirade to the star. The letter reportedly was loaded with the n-word and also stated, “go back to where you came from and die.” The theater was immediately put on high alert and the manager of the theater called the LAPD. In an interview with TMZ, Fantasia told them, she would not be defeated by this isolated occurrence.

Charges have been filed against Oscar-winner Sean Penn in an October incident with the paparazzi in a Brentwood neighborhood. Calls to the actor were not returned by press time. The Los Angeles City Attorney has filed two misdemeanor charges for vandalism and battery. While former “Family Ties” child actor Brian Bonsall who is now 28 was booked on charges relating to failing of a drug test.

Legendary actress Kathryn Grayson, who was 88, died at her L.A. home on Thursday. The beautiful singer who wanted to be an opera star was snatched up by MGM studio execs and given many singing and dancing roles, which included “Showboat.” The star was very fan friendly and I met her over two decades ago when she lived in Santa Monica. Hollywood continues to lose some of the great legends, but Miss Grayson will never be forgotten. Her beauty and talent lives on in her films forever.


Happy birthday to Brandon Beemer on February 27. Have a wonderful week.




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