BEVERLY HILLS —This week in Hollywoodland came very sad news about the death of a young star who was multi-talented, handsome and a very nice man: Andrew Koenig, who TV viewers will remember as Boner from the hit ABC show “Growing Pains.” There were other breaking stories, which made news in Hollywood and around the nation. However, Hollywood’s long running feud between Oscar winners Jolie and Voight seems to be coming to an end.


Actor, producer Seth Green is now engaged to actress/model Clare Grant. No word on when the two will say their I Do’s but women around the world are crying at the idea of Green no longer being a bachelor. Wonderful for Clare in getting a good man. By the way, Clare is easy on the eyes as well, so I’m sure there are male fans crying this weekend as well. While Angelina Jolie and her father Oscar-winner John Voight have been estranged for most of the past decade. Last week the two were photographed together in Venice enjoying a stroll together. Word is that Brad Pitt had a lot to do with the reconciliation. I’m trying to get a list of all the people I’m estranged from and wondering how many of them are willing to fly me to Venice to make up? Insiders who know the couple say Angelina’s not too happy with her dad’s interview with Radar Online given just a few days ago.  We all wish the Hollywood golden couple and John Voight the best.

It was a sad week in Hollywood when the body of former child star Andrew Koenig was found in a Vancouver, Canada park on Thursday by friends who had been searching all day along with his father, actor Walter Koenig from “Star Trek.” Andrew had become so successful in the entertainment business not just as an actor, but a producer, director and editor. I met him for the first time almost two decades ago and was always amazed by how unpretentious and kind he would always be whenever I saw him. His father said in part on Thursday, “What you can learn from this … is that there are people out there who really, really care.” Andrew had been battling depression and had not been seen for weeks. He was suppose to return to California over two weeks ago and failed to board the plane from Canada. Hopefully those who have relatives or friends battling depression, will take time to realize it can be a serious condition. His parents had always been supportive of him, but they are now asking for privacy and time to deal with their tremendous loss.

Hollywood heiress Casey Johnson’s autopsy findings were released this week by the L.A. Coroner, who ruled no trauma or apparent death from substance abuse. Casey died from diabetic ketoacidosis, and it was also ruled out that the young woman who was estranged from her family and seeking therapy died from suicide. Brittany Murphy’s toxicology report was also released on the same day by the Coroner’s office and they reported that drugs due to cold medications and underlying health issues contributed to her death, which also was not a homicide.

While Charlie Sheen is in rehab, his father Martin and mother, along with therapists and other addiction professionals are reportedly staying at the “Two and a Half Men” star’s home. His wife Brooke Mueller has apparently left the second rehab facility this week and is at home being cared for by others, while taking care of her twin sons. Sheen’s costar, Jon Cryer’s ex wife, is now being accused by her ex-boyfriend of allegedly wanting to put out a hit on her husband Jon. The FBI is apparently involved in the investigation and all I can say is, stay tuned.

On break-up news, Ryan Phillippe and actress Abbie Cornish have split, just months after Ryan’s ex Reese Witherspoon broke up with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Is there something in the water?

Beautiful award-winning actress Tanna Frederick spent Wednesday taping a PSA for the children’s environmental cause LEAF alongside “Baywatch” hunk David Chokachi and “Living With Ed’s” Ed Begley, Jr. at her beautiful Santa Monica mansion. Frederick may be a stunner and one of Hollywood’s most talented leading ladies, but she takes the environment very seriously and next week I get to interview her discussing her beloved Project Save Our Surf and the fact that she’s busy preparing for the upcoming L.A. Marathon. I wonder if I’ll have to put on my running shoes to keep up with her long enough to get the questions answered? Frederick is blowing audiences and critics away in Santa Monica at the Edgemar Theatre in Henry Jaglom’s “45 Minutes From Broadway.”

Lindsay Lohan told a U.K. tabloid that Samantha Ronson, the Hollywood D.J. is the only woman for her. They still live in the same West Hollywood apartment building and Lindsay hopes they will get back together. They split in April 2009. Lohan added that if she can’t have Samantha, she’s sure to go back to dating men. Here’s hoping Lindsay considers getting back to working on a movie set and try to focus on that goal for a while. The one-time child star has immense talent and in the past few years it’s been sorely wasted.

Tabloids are reporting that Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell are having a tough time working together. That Ellen is fed up with Simon’s cruelty to the contestants and Simon’s fed up with having to tone things down for Ellen. With Simon’s “X-Factor” due to arrive here in America next year on Fox, I’m sure the “American Idol” judges are trying to keep the on-air tension in the public arena as long as they can. After Paula Abdul’s departure, fans worried if Simon would have anyone to battle with. I think Fox and the fans have their wish. I’m sure the two of them are highly professional players who know what sells.

“Dancing With The Stars: Italy” did not air last week. Ronn Moss returns to Italy on Saturday, to compete in week seven of the ten week competition. Results will be announced next week in Canyon News.
My longtime friend, Beverly Hills beauty Lee Phillip Bell, known as “the first lady of Chicago television” will be among the headliners at a salute to the pioneers of Chicago television on June 11th at the Hilton Chicago. The event will benefit the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Lee Phillip Bell’s groundbreaking talk shows aired on CBS in Chicago from 1952 to 1986, where she interviewed everyone from U.S. Presidents to Cary Grant and Lucille Ball, to The Rolling Stones! Of course, Lee, along with her late husband, William J. Bell, co-created “The Young and the Restless” and everyone’s favorite show, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Congratulations Lee, we all love you!  Your talented and beautiful kids [Billy, Bradley and Lauralee] as well as their spouses and your grandchildren are so proud of you. We are in awe of your contributions to the entertainment industry.
My dear friend, H. Harlan Boll, a publicist and bigwig Hollywood insider is writing a new book titled “Do As I Say, Not As I Did.”  The book is due out in 2011 and is being co-written by “Little House On The Prairie” superstar Alison Arngrim, who is nothing like her mean little girl character Nellie Oleson. The book is hilarious and take it from me, it’ll become a bestseller.


Happy birthday to my wonderful friend Ron Linder, who is the loyal and devoted husband of“Young and Restless” star Kate Linder, who portrays Esther Valentine.
Have great week!!!


Update: On a very sad note, on Friday night entertainer Marie Osmond’s teenage son Michael died after jumping off a building in Los Angeles. Marie and her family are devastated and need their privacy. Through her spokesman, the following statement was released. “My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time.” Donny Osmond told Entertainment Tonight, in part, “Please pray for my sister and her family.” Michael Blosil was 16.


Photograph of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the 2007 Film Festival in Venice Courtesy: Tom Ford Designs International. Thanks, Tom!