WEST HOLLYWOOD—Actor, activist and painter Thom Bierdz appeared at Angel’s in Venice Beach last Friday and was happy to report that many of his fans attended and wanted to catch up with the handsome star that also portrays Phillip Chancellor, III on “Young and the Restless.”

Thom was quick to admit that the event was fun, filled with great guests and artists, drinks and wonderful entertainment. Bierdz is known worldwide because of his acting work on daytime’s number one serial drama. However, he’s also become even more famous for his art. “Many ”˜Y&R’ fans came to the show at Angel’s in Venice on Friday. I had met some years ago, and some for the first time. Deborah, a Facebook friend, drove her husband 90 miles to come, so I sat on the couch and talked to them toward the end of the event, mostly about soap opera storylines. A young guy, who worked with Michael Jackson when he was a kid, and spoke very highly of him, bought a print of my Michael Jackson Meets Picasso painting,” said the artist.

Just as important as meeting his fans, the star of television feels it is just as important to remain busy with his artwork, which is close to his heart. When Thom isn’t on the set at CBS TV City, he’s often doing outreach for gay Americans, and believes that the time for equal rights for all is near.

Recently Phillip has shown up in Genoa City, which makes fans very happy, but the handsome star admits that he enjoys painting the most. “I am presently working on this commission for a woman named Tiffany, of her two children, Damien and Dante. They are kids she never felt were possible to have, so they are miracles to her. Tomorrow she’ll let me know if she and her husband want me to make any final changes to their Tom Sawyer / Huck Finn themed portrait before I varnish and frame it,” said Bierdz. “We had planned the composition together before I started to paint it and she has told me she is thrilled with it.”

Also, commenting on rumors that I recently heard that he’ll be doing another Hollywood showing of his artwork. Thom said “You hear everything Tommy. I hope to have a show soon at David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills. As reported in news around the world, David recently discovered new Ansel Adams photos and his gallery has been swarmed with collectors of B&W photos. I am not a photographer but I love Ansel Adams’s work, especially being from Wisconsin, laden with beautiful pine trees.”