HOLLYWOOD—It really threw me for a loop when the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” decided to throw in a ‘Hope’ doll that has become Thomas Forrester’s obsession. Yes, it appeared that Thomas had made a change for the better after his Hope obsession a few months ago. Thomas stole a doll from Forrester Creations took it to his apartment and while it is not Hope, the similarities in the face and the style of dress is concerning.

Yes, there seems to be something going on with Thomas in his head where he is ‘hearing’ actual voices from the doll telling him that he should be with her and that she loves him and a ton of other chaos. Thomas is trying to keep it together, but it is apparent to people like Zende and Finn (in particular) who realized something is off with Thomas. Finn relayed that news to Steffy who is now worried sick about her brother, and things only got worse this week when Liam and Finn bonded over Thomas’ obsession with Hope.

That only kicked Liam into protective mode as he was determined to prove that Thomas had not changed at all and by the end of the week he placed himself in dire danger when he burst into Thomas’ apartment and came across something he hoped to never witness. Now, I will admit the storyline is a bit out there, a bit of a reach, but it seems that we could see some really twisted drama unfold over Thomas’ obsession with Hope, and as a viewer I have never been more afraid for Hope’s life than I am now.

Back to Steffy and Finn, the happy couple’s relationship is blossoming, but I will admit it seems to be moving a lot faster than I expected, but with that said, the fact that Steffy is no longer thinking about Liam and using the ‘L’ world is the thing that “B&B” fans have been desperately asking for. Just when I thought the Carter, Zoe and Zende triangle couldn’t get more complicated, cue in Zoe’s sister Paris, who flew into town unexpectedly and caught the eye of Zende.

The two are flirting, Zoe appears happy with her sister’s presence, but I feel that sisterly love will be short-lived to say the least. Paris seems like a free spirit, one not afraid to dabble on the dark side. The sparks between Zende and Paris was evident from first glance and they will only build as they spend more time together. Oh, things just couldn’t be juicer, but wait for it.

Quinn and Shauna were besties, well it looks like that friendship is over and I mean over, because Quinn is pointing the finger at Shauna for her marriage to Eric blowing up in her face. We all know how wicked Quinn used to be in the past, well it looks like that dark side is about to emerge again people and Shauna, Flo and anyone not Wyatt should be worried.

Eric is not in the least bit interested in entertaining Quinn’s plea for forgiveness, but his offer to allow Shauna to stay at the Forrester mansion, whew that is something I did not expect and friends are now enemies. Flo and Wyatt are caught in the middle of their mother’s squabble, oh, how the tables have turned America, oh, how they have turned. Quinn was livid to learn that Shauna was staying at the guest house of the place that she once called home. She demanded her bestie to move out ASAP, but Eric said otherwise. Then we say that glare at Quinn’s portrait. OMG, it feels like Shauna might be making the moves on Eric Forrester and if so she’s about to go to war with a woman who has no limitations.