HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit I have been utterly disappointed with “The Bold and the Beautiful” for February sweeps. I mean nothing dramatic has really happened at all, and I don’t know what the hell the writers are thinking. This is the time where you want to hook new viewers and while retaining your loyal viewers. Yes, the Brooke and Ridge wedding was nice, but it went off without a hitch. NOTHING HAPPENED! I mean Thorne and Katie kissed, and Steffy learned that Liam is not ready to play one big happy family yet.

Speaking of Thorne and Katie, this is a welcome development that really came out of left field. Why? Thorne came to town ready to whisk Brooke away from Ridge and out of nowhere, his feud with Ridge settled. He stopped pinning after Brooke and turned his attention to Katie. Katie, who was in a relationship with Wyatt, was stunned when her boy toy simply cut ties. Well, that’s likely because he witnessed that kiss. The pairing between Thorne and Katie is nice, but it halts audiences from witnessing the drama that could have exploded between Bill, Wyatt and Katie with him learning about the tryst.

This turns the conversation back to the feud between Ridge and Bill. Ridge, your daughter Steffy slept with Bill. It was consensual, Bill did not take advantage of her, and she was just as culpable in the matter as Bill himself. I mean listening to Ridge attempt to defend his daughter while talking to Hope had me laughing. Hope was speaking the blunt truth, which Ridge did not like. Making the situation worse was the fact that Brooke knew precisely what Hope was saying to be truthful and did her best to reason with both sides.

Steffy you should be scared, because the man you stole from Hope, it looks like she is about to steal him from you. Hope and Liam belong together, and you sleeping with his father shattered your bond in a way that I don’t think can ever be repaired. Hope is playing nice right now, but if the opportunity presents itself, she is going to take it. How, and I mean how in the world can Hope resist Liam? Its obvious Liam wants her and she wants him. Yes, Steffy is pregnant and that ultrasound where Liam saw his baby girl helped build a bond, but his ability to forgive ain’t happening overnight. The more time Liam and Hope spend together the stronger their bond will be America. Nothing is going to change that, as they have history, and the writing is on the wall. The audience KNOWS fully where the writers are headed with this storyline.

Steffy Forrester needs to face the music: Liam has severed ties with her, but will do the right thing and provide for his daughter. And Ridge, mind your own business! Steffy is a grown woman, and she made a terrible mistake, you’re not one to judge. I mean you were secretly sharing kisses with your father’s wife. Talk about being a hypocrite America. There was a slight development this week, as we saw the return of wicked Dollar Bill. Yes, Bill seems like he hasn’t been on the screen in nearly 3 weeks.

His latest battle was with Sally Spectra who was determined to make Bill Spencer himself pay for his antics that took her company’s legacy away from her, while also shattering the spirit of his son Liam in the process. However, I really don’t know where this tale is headed considering Courtney Hope is reportedly off contract at “B&B,” which means she is either going to vanish or go out with an epic bang. I sense her departure has something to do with the unexpected return of Pierson Fode as Thomas Forrester.

Yes, I teased this before about Bill’s secret involving Caroline and her fake illness not being exposed; maybe the truth will finally come out. I mean Steffy and Liam both knew about this bombshell and kept it hidden, so imagine Thomas and Sally’s reaction when they learn the truth. Yeah, a lovely soap couple could have still played out, but a little secret stopped all that. If we’re grading all the soaps for February Sweeps, “The Bold and the Beautiful” comes in last place. Unless they deliver some epic drama in the next 7 days, I’d say they had a bust in 2018 America!