WESTWOOD—Over 2000 protestors gathered at the Federal Building in Westwood on Sunday, January 7 to protest against the government of Iran and show support for protestors in the country.

On December 28, 2017, uprisings began in Mashhad, Iran, over the rising prices and poor economic situation in the country. Protests grew to over 30 cities. The Iranians protested against the poor economy but anger turned to the government. Over 2000 protestors gathered at the Federal Building on Sunday, chanting in both English and Farsi to “free Iran.” The crowd gathered at about 1 p.m., marched through Westwood spreading their anti-regime message.

“They’re suffering from poverty, absolute poverty. This is the least we can do to show we’re with them,” one demonstrator said, pointing out the failing economy.

Prices have risen all over the country and, while inflation rates fell with the election of President Hassan Rouhani, they have risen to high levels again.

Students took to the streets as well, both in Westwood and in towns across Iran. As Westwood, or “Tehrangeles” as it is known, is close to UCLA. With the Iranian economy growing worse, college-educated Iranians are leaving their universities with little job prospects.

According to reports, 22 people have died from the protests in Iran.  Some demonstrators in Westwood with bags stayed toward the back of the crowd, collecting garbage and leftover objects that protestors left behind.