SANTA MONICA—Three teenage girls were hospitalized after apparently overdosing on an unknown substance inside an apartment on Tuesday, May 24. It is unknown at this time if fentanyl was the drug involved. 

At around 11 p.m., the father of one of three teenage girls – all 16-years-old – at an apartment in the 2000 block of 20th Street, near Pico Boulevard reported an overdose to police, Santa Monica Police Department Lieutenant Rudy Flores confirmed. 

“The father was looking for his daughter, he located her at this apartment building and luckily got there in time,” Lt. Flores told Fox 11. “He noticed that there was an issue, and then at some point they all became unconscious and that’s when he called 911.”

Officers and paramedics responded to the report and the three teenagers were transported to the hospital. Two of the teens were listed in critical condition. The third was awake and able to speak with investigators. 

According to reports, the girls may not have survived if the father had not been at the residence. 

“You’re buying drugs from the street, you do not know exactly what you are taking,” Lt. Flores said. “They lace these drugs with so many things now, and obviously fentanyl is a concern, and obviously that’s one of the concerns we have is that these young individuals potentially ingested it.” 

Investigators are searching for the “street level person” who is responsible for selling the girls the drugs.

Authorities are awaiting toxicology test results to confirm the drug involved. The Santa Monica Police Department are still investigating the case.