UNITED STATES—No one does things related to love and passion as French people do. France has produced and inspired some of the greatest movies of all time, and uptoflirt has offered a list of seven most romantic films that you have ever seen. You will want to consider these for your romantic first date because they can offer different insights into relationships and make you think about the hardships people face. Both you and your partner will enjoy these films even if you’re not a film buff!

Psychology of Intimacy Atmosphere

The first thing you must think about is the psychology of an intimate atmosphere when it comes to a date. Most of the time, people do not consider that their notions of romantic love are different from others worldwide. For example, people in the west tend to have individualistic notions of love where they and their partner are against others. The same can be said about some parts of Western Europe. The fact remains, though, that romances in other parts of the world must take into account family. Moreover, the intimate atmosphere of the French is characterized by complex relationships and the determination that not all relationships are going to end well. In other words, their romantic cinema is very interesting for new couples!

Why the Movie Date is Still a Great Idea for Couples

Why do we still take part in movie dates? After all, who wants to sit next to someone at the movies when there are so many interesting ways to spend time together? People forget that movies are utilitarian when it comes to romance. For one thing, you get to occupy a close physical space with someone that you just started dating. This can be useful in breaking that invisible barrier that comes with going from friendship to romance with someone. You will sit near them for hours, and you could even hold their hand.

Another reason movies are important for dates is that they offer the benefit of giving you something to talk about right after the film is over. After the movie comes dinner, right? If you find that you want a strong means of starting the conversation for dinner, then you should talk about the film you just watched. Do you agree with the film’s notions of romance or not? What would you do in the situation presented in the film? These are some wonderful conversation-starters that you can bring up after watching a movie.

Romantic Movies for a First Date

When you seek the perfect movie to watch for the first date, you should always opt for award-winning, beautiful films that make you and your partner think. The movies that we have selected here are perfect for your first date. Even if you can’t watch more than one on your first date, you should include this selection in your future movie dates so you can soak in beautiful French films.

  • The Girl on the Bridge

A man saves a woman from throwing herself off a bridge in despair. They begin to spend time together, and the bond they form changes the relationship dynamics over and over. This film is all about how people can save each other if they meet at the right time.

  • Amélie

A woman dedicates herself to saving others while spending time in fanciful daydreams instead of her own relatively boring life. This film will make you think about an individual’s role in the world.

  • Amour

The film’s title means ‘love,’ but it is not the romantic, sweet kind that we often think about. This film explores the long-term condition of love and the seemingly tragic, inevitable consequences of staying with someone.

  • The Fairy

A man meets a fairy at his job, and she appears to fulfill two wishes he had. Now, he is trying to track her down for the third.

  • The Taste of Others

The story tells the tale of two polar opposite people falling in love. Does it work out as a fantasy, or will their differences spell the end of their relationship? How can a relationship survive such distinct differences in people?

  • Love Me if You Dare

Two would-be-lovers are on a lifelong game of dares, and the game is poised to ruin their lives.

  • Priceless

A female con artist catches the eye of a man who becomes like her to get her attention. It’s a cat and mouse game with a satisfying ending.

Finding the right film to watch with your romantic partner can be difficult, but French films are always a good place to start. The variety in content and messages is enough for anyone to find something that strikes their fancy. Using this list, set up a movie night for you and your partner, explore French cinema, and have a wonderful experience.