BEVERLY HILLS —Super-socialite Tina O. Hillstrom can be counted on to make the rounds of the party circuit, and this Christmas she partied with an award-winning record producer and an Oscar winner. Award-winning record producer and party host Richard Perry is best-known for his work with Rod Stewart. Perry’s credited with helping craft Stewart’s charting pop standard albums in the “Great American Songbook” series, including “It Had To Be You.” Also in attendance was Nick Wechsler, who is an American film producer. He’s married to model/actress Stephanie Romanov. They have a baby girl Lily Andreja Romanov-Weschsler.



Tina Hillstrom, the Beverly Hills socialite, was constantly on her feet fluttering around the room and husband Dr. Brad Hillstrom were in rare form  hanging with greats such as the movie executive producer of “Sex, Lies and Videotapes” and “Urban Cowboy,” and the recently award nominated Leo DiCaprio film “Revolutionary Road.”


Host Jane Fonda was thrilled when Sean Penn called Mickey Avalon to the party as she finally met face-to-face with the rapper who performs the song “Do The Jane Fonda,” and they all got down to the song when it was played at the Christmas party. Avalon also sings “More Junk In Her Trunk Than A Honda/I Know You Wanna do the Jane Fonda.” He’s known for performing with dancers clad in skimpy work-out gear similar to the leotard [Jane] Fonda wore in her fitness videos.MickeyAvalon-457x301.jpg

The party also included guests Robert De Niro and much in the news Warren Beatty. Tina O surmised, “The question of the night was is Warren Beatty America’s biggest playboy?” Adding, “With his 73rd birthday fast approaching and his notorious playboy days long behind him, has the characteristically close-to-the-chest Oscar winner decided to open up about the mind-blowing number of notches on his bedpost?” Not according to his attorney, who is taking issue with claims that Peter Biskind’s new biography, “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America,” has been authorized by the formerly bed-hopping big-screen icon.

Photographs Courtesy: Tina O. Hillstrom

Tina O tells Canyon News, “I think Warren Beatty ranks a higher qualification than the no woman catcher play on nomenclature, Playboy. He ranks a title of a Corinthian, a Libertine, and a Casanova more than a Playboy. Beatty is a citizen of the world where Playboy lives in their own private Ida-Ho. Ok Idaho.” The socialite concluded, “He is still as handsome as your imagination will allow you to remember, and the charm ooozed from every pore on his body. I was thrilled to be thrilled by him even in the tail-end of 2009. Kisses!”