UNITED STATES—One would think that stadiums would be leaders in transportation. With tens of thousands of people piling in for a game, one would assume transportation would be easy. However, you often end up with never-ending parking lots filled to the brim with cars and people wandering down the driving aisles instead of being aware of their surroundings. Not only is it frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive to drive yourself to a game, but finding your vehicle at the end is honestly the worst part. Rather than wasting all that time, effort, and money, we suggest trying the following.

The Top 4 Stadium Transportation Methods

1.      Carpool with Friends

While carpooling isn’t all that different from driving yourself, you get to split the cost and heartache with your buddies. All you need to do is draw straws on who has to drive, pick a meet-up location, and let the anticipation for the game build. We suggest planning to arrive early, as parking and walking to the stadium can be quite challenging, but at least you won’t be alone! Misery loves company, after all!

2.      Take Public Transportation

This recommendation relies heavily on your game city’s infrastructure, as some cities are better designed for public transportation than others. Take, for example, Seattle, Washington. If you have tickets to the football game at Lumen Field, you can pop onto the Light Rail; the station drops you off with less than a five-minute walk to the stadium. Alternatively, there are buses that will also drop you relatively close. You can get from almost anywhere in the city to the game without ever having to drive!

Sadly, not all cities have the same public transportation system standards as Seattle. Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, has limited bus lines and no direct rail connections. Instead, it has over 100 acres of parking lots! So, depending on your city, public transportation may or may not be an option.

3.      Schedule a Private Car

The above two options still involve some walking, but this one does not! You can get dropped off right at the front door when utilizing a private car service. Of course, you can always attempt to get a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft, but we caution you not to rely on these services because there may be very limited options on game day when everyone else is trying to do the same. Instead, booking a private group for you and your mates will ensure a timely, efficient, and professional service that will drop you off in a convenient location and return to get you at the end of the game!

4.      Book a Minibus for Groups

While some dedicated fans may venture to the stadium to watch a game solo, most end up going with friends. If you have a particularly large group of people going with you, we suggest ditching all of the above methods and taking advantage of minibus charters. Minibuses can transport anywhere from 15 to 36 of your family, friends, or colleagues to the game, along with 20 to 30 bags. You never have to worry about driving, parking, or being sober for the ride home. Instead, you get to enjoy a professional service that serves your schedule and offers first-class amenities. Plus, if everyone chips in, it will likely be cheaper than driving solo!

What If I Do End Up Driving to the Game?

If none of the options work for you, you will likely end up driving yourself to the event. If that is the case, we recommend following these tips:

1.      Look at the map before you leave!

Understand how to get to the stadium, your parking lot options, and what you will need to do for departure. The last thing you want to do is get lost on the way to the game!

2.      Take a picture of your parking spot

When there are tens of thousands of cars in a parking lot, following the beep of your car alarm isn’t going to work all that well. You can take preventive action against getting lost by taking a picture of your parking spot, what’s around it, and what number spot you have. If you have a lot of numbers or names, write that down too! We promise you WILL NOT remember after the game!

3.      Be prepared to walk

Unless you have handicapped parking, you must be prepared to walk a good distance. We suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes and having an umbrella on hand in case it rains. If you bring in a bag, make sure it is easy to carry and not too heavy!

Other than that, try not to fret too much about game transportation and enjoy the experience of the game!