UNITED STATES—We are just over a year before the U.S. Presidential election.  The Democrats in Congress have gathered 231 votes in favor of impeaching President Trump.

This is not out of the ordinary. It is a historical fact that the Democratic party has attempted to impeach every Republican President since President Eisenhower.

Interesting Historical Fact

President Trump was asked about the possibility of impeachment at the United Nations Assembly on Wednesday, September 25.

President Trump’s response was to suggest that the Democrats are trying to block him out of fear because they know they cannot win at the polls.

President Trump was quoted in saying, “They have no idea how to stop me.”

Politico explains that under the U.S. Constitution, Congress really could remove President Trump from office, and prevent him from serving the remainder of his current term as President of the United States. This serves as punishment for what the Democrats see as election interference yet it does not prevent Donald Trump from running in the 2020 Presidential election.

Multiple news sources reported on a Hyram F. Suddfluffel, Ph.D.  who allegedly holds a degree in Political Science.  Dr. Suddfluffel has broken down the process of what actually happens when a President is impeached.  Both the YouTube video and a printed dialog with facts and details by Dr. Sudderfluffel was made available to the public.  No one has actually met Dr. Suddfluffel.  The Dr. may be operating under a fictitious name.  Fact checks indicated that the truth be told, this is what impeaching a President entails.

The Process Of Impeaching A President