STUDIO CITY—Last week our readers were introduced to actor, producer and writer Tom Kiesche. Here’s the second part of his exclusive interview, in which I found out about yet another one of his many creative talents. He may be modest about his singing, however, just like Frank Sinatra, Tom has a golden voice, beautiful blue eyes and is just as giving of his time. In between his interview and several auditions, one even for a hit primetime TV series, Tom also attended an awards show, where the modest philanthropist received an award for his dedication to L.A.’s youth.

Q-In addition to acting, I know that you love to produce and write as well. What is it about the writing process that you enjoy most?

A-“There’s a lot of things I love doing in my life. Almost all of them involve creativity in some form or another, and writing, is one of the most creative things I personally can do without needing others to help me accomplish goals, and I try to do some form of it every day. With that said, I don’t know if there’s a singular thing about it that I enjoy the most. There are so many different things I enjoy about writing, and so many processes and methods I’ve used over the years. I love sitting down with just a hint of an idea, only to be surprised to find out where it goes and how it ends. I love hashing through plot points and story elements either alone or with creative collaborators, coming up with the skeletal bones of a story, only to be further entertained later as I fill in the flesh, with details, drama and humor later. I love the process, I love the challenge, I love the feedback and I love the structure.”

Q-What have you written in the past?

A-“I wasn’t known as a writer in grade school, though I spent many hours creating adventures for my friends in dice throwing fantasy games, or building haunted houses. After college I had immersed myself in theater as an actor, and while I was digesting words from other people’s plays, I decided I wanted to experiment. I wanted to write a play, simply to experience what a writer might experience, to possibly see the word as they saw it upon creation, and not as I was seeing already on the page. I felt there was something to learn, or to discover, something that might benefit me in a way I couldn’t yet describe. During my last week of a professional screenwriting program at UCLA, I had two screenplays optioned, one of which I had started writing just ten days prior.”

Q-Are you in the process of writing something right now that you’d like to produce?

A-“I have many projects I’d like to see produced, or produced again, but again I don’t have representation working for me, so it’s a challenge to keep all the balls in the air and keep writing, and acting, and learning, and producing, and singing, and editing, and volunteering, and taking classes, and shooting photography, and living, and enjoying life. And of course there’s always script ideas being jostled down in my notebooks, or previous scripts that I’m looking to reopen and start pitching again when possibly the right opportunity presents itself, or the right collaborator asks.”

Q-What have you not done yet in the entertainment field that you relish trying in the future?

A-“Make a ton of money. Make films, TV shows, plays and musicals that are seen by millions. My superficial economic goal is making $20,000 a day, everyday (7.3 million a year). I know it’s not much, but it’s a place to start. Honestly, I don’t know what I relish trying in the future. Tommy, I didn’t see the acting bug coming, or the writing bug. I never imagined I’d direct, edit, shoot, record, or sing in a closet. What? More on that later.”

Q-No, you don’t get off that easy. We’re speaking again in a couple weeks, so I’m going to ask you all about what friends have described to me as, “a golden voice.” What’s that about?

A-“Tommy, I’d love to answer any questions from you or your readers, about just about anything, so, if you want to talk singing, or anything else I’m involved in, or with, I’m more than game. I’m really just a Jersey kid that not too many people would have bet on. Though I have to thank all those that have been so amazingly supportive. I only hope anything that any answer I could give will help, entertain, motivate or inspire someone else to do what they love, or go for a dream of their own. Now, as far as saying I have a golden anything, I’ll leave that for others to say or not say after hearing me sing, or for others to write about their voices on cardboard signs while standing on the side of American highways.” 

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