WOODLAND HILLS—Comedian duo Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky are selling their Woodland Hills home as they have recently become new residents of Pacific Palisades.

The co-hosts of podcast, “Your Mom’s House” purchased the 4,619 square foot home in Woodland Hills four years ago for a total of $1,612,500 and it is currently on the market for the price of $1,999,998. Unlike their Pacific Palisades home owned since January of this year, the Woodland Hills home is bit older.  Built in 1956 on flat land surrounded by trees that guarantee the residents-to-be the privacy this home has to offer. The home has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Additionally, a home theatre has been installed that occupants can also use as a recording studio. The backyard features a pool and spa paired with a fireplace and fixed benches for seating right next to an outside dining area.

The couple also known as “Mommies” on their show have hosted “Your Mom’s House” podcast since 2018, which has been referred to as “7th grade humor” on their website, yourmomshousepodcast.com. The show has since been a top-rated comedy podcast on iTunes and been featured in VICE.  Additionally, the pair spends time on tour to promote the comedic show. Segura also has a Netflix special that was released in March of this year, “Tom Segura: Ball Hog”, where he often joked about his love for his children, claiming “I am not diminishing pet love, but if that dog were to hurt one of my kids, I would drown that dog.”  The audience laughs and Segura goes on with the show.

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood approximately twenty miles north of Pacific Palisades, where the family now resides.