HOLLYWOOD—A report from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that actor Tom Sizemore was removed from the set of the movie “Born Killers” in 2003 after allegedly molesting an 11-year-old actress. The name of the actress has not been disclosed per the actresses’ request to The Hollywood Reporter.

The incident allegedly took place during a photo shoot on set when the young girl was made to sit on Sizemore’s lap. During the photo-op, he allegedly rubbed his finger against the girl’s genitals.

The film’s casting director, Catrin McGregor, informed The Hollywood Reporter that the girl complained to her agent the next day, who informed the girl’s mother.  The girl’s mother reported the incident to the police, but no charges were pressed. Sizemore was sent home from the movie set by the directorial staff when were informed of the accusations. McGregor later filed a complaint with the legal department of the Screen Actors Guild.

Producer Michael Manshel confronted Sizemore with the allegations, where Sizemore denied ever having done “anything with kids.” Due to the fiduciary duty of the film crew to complete the project, Sizemore was not dropped from the film and was later called back for reshoots in Malibu.

The actor has had numerous run-ins with the law in the past including charges for drug abuse and a conviction for assault and battery against his then-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss, in 2003. He has appeared in films including “True Romance,” “Heat,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down.”