HOLLYWOOD—It was the wedding I think no one on “Days of Our Lives” saw coming. I mean we knew Gabi and Stefan had sexual chemistry, but marriage material. Not buying it one single bit, but there was a wedding taking place in Salem this week, with a guest that no one ever expected: Tony DiMera! Or could it be Andre DiMera. Yes, he’s back from the dead, America, and if we thought Stefan and Kristen were evil, those two haven’t seen anything yet.

I am so happy to see this on “Days of Our Lives” because out of all the soaps remaining on TV, “Days” sure knows how to deliver the villainy if you ask me. Kristen was well aware of her sibling’s survival; remember there were all those patients at that facility with their initials on the door. The audience still does not fully know if this is really Tony or if it could be Andre. I mean they are indeed twins and both have committed dastardly deeds in the past. Tony could be Andre in disguise waiting to make his move.

The only reason I make that assertion is because we know that Abigail and Chad are returning to Salem and they are expected to be primary players in a big storyline America. Kristen cooked up an outlandish plan to have Tony marry her, but she would don her ‘Nicole’ face. Ok, I get it, but I don’t really get it because how the hell did these two cross paths, and why would Nicole randomly marry Tony of all people? The writer’s will have some major explaining to do her America if they want to sell this fib. The goal was to reclaim the DiMera enterprise for Stefan, who Kristen and Tony suspect is being run into the ground.

In other vital news, the chickens have finally come to roost for Eve Donovan. How so? Not only did she have all the fallout regarding Claire, but Jack realized she hoodwinked him about Dr. Rolf’s truth serum, not to mention she had the diary for months and attempted to burn it to cover her tracks. Jack caught her and read her the riot act. What’s the problem? She gave Jack a fake serum, and held the real serum over her hubby who wanted a divorce. So she always has an ace up her sleeve, so this will be interesting to see how this plays out. Didn’t matter though, Jack fired her as Police Commissioner, so it looks like Xander might be in trouble people!

Jenn is doing her best to move on, but come on we know Jack is her one true love, no matter how much she attempts to tell herself otherwise. Tripp, Haley and JJ are living together in the loft, but Haley is suffering a bit of PTSD, fearing that Claire might return to finish her off. Not really sure where the writers are attempting to head with this storyline that is offering something, but not enough to fully catch my attention. Why? We already know that Tripp is vacating the soap in the coming weeks. Likely a lot sooner than later, as well as Chloe and Rex, who are all leaving Salem before summer’s end.

Rex might be the dumbest person ever, as I have no idea how he cannot see that Sarah is fawning over Eric. The chemistry between these two is unforgettable, and they just work well together. I mean we all thought Nicole’s return would impact things, but as we all know, it’s really Kristen so that changes everything. Brady is still under Nicole’s thumb, unaware that it is the woman who scorned him and refuses to let him go no matter how hard he tries to move forward.