UNITED STATES—Roulette is popularly known as a low-risk casino game. So, if you’re not much of a risk-taker, this is probably a suitable game for you. 

The primary reason for offering bonuses and promotions is to attract new players and get more visitors to a casino website, so it is natural that casinos are pretty generous with them. For these various bonuses, you will have to find the appropriate roulette tables to see what’s available and collect your rewards. After agreeing with the wagering requirements at the casino, you also need to make sure you know what the game contributions are and that they may vary, but all you have to do is play smart and you’ll win big.

Here are the top 10 roulette bonuses that you’ll find at online casinos:


1) No-Deposit Bonus


 A No Deposit Bonus is an offer you shouldn’t pass up. It’s also called a ‘signup bonus or a welcome bonus, and it is the favourite of most online casino players. It is suitable for all kinds of roulette games, but be wary, it can only be claimed by a player who has just registered at the casino.

2) Deposit Bonus



After depositing with real money, the Deposit Bonus is given to players either with fiat currencies or cryptocurrency. You must deposit some money into your betting account to unlock the bonus.


3) Cashbacks


The Cashback reward is an incentive bonus; it offers players a chance to recover their losses and helps them avoid going bankrupt. Players can use cashback bonuses multiple times, which helps them save money and play longer.

Cashback bonuses are a percentage of what the player has lost when playing a game. Most players are eligible for this bonus and can benefit from it, using it to reduce their risk when playing roulette.

These bonuses are different from sign-up offers because they are usually rewarded to loyal players.


4) Reload Bonuses


Many online casinos have promotions for existing players that allow them to get free spins and extra cash for their additional deposits, called reload bonuses.

Though these bonuses are a little lower than the first deposit bonuses, they enable you to play the same range of games as a welcome bonus.


5) Special  Roulette Promotions


You can scout for the special live roulette bonuses at the different casinos where you play. Though some casinos might not offer a special roulette bonus for all games, you should check out the promotions section to see what’s available.


6) VIP Bonus and Promotions


Casinos have point systems set up for live roulette players. This system allows players to exchange all points accumulated by playing roulette games and other real money games for exclusive gifts and VIP benefits. These points determine a player’s VIP level. The higher a player’s level, the higher your chances of being offered exclusive promotions and gifts.


7) Tournaments


Most online casinos organize roulette tournaments for players where they beat players who play the same game as them for prizes. Many players look forward to this roulette tournament not only for the award alone, but it helps them gain more experience and increase their chances of winning at the tables.


8) Fixed bonus


This bonus is quite common in live casinos, especially when playing roulette. It requires players to deposit the same amount of money offered in the original prize. The number of chips doubles, and it can’t be withdrawn until players have spun the wheels a couple of times.


9) Percentage bonus


A percentage bonus is one of the popular live roulette bonuses. It allows players to get a percentage of their deposit, and it’s extra cash for players. For example, a deposit of $200 can give you up to 50% extra bonus to spin the wheel.


10) Risk-free Bonus 


A risk-free bonus is not so common in live roulette, but when it’s given, players don’t need to risk their funds to play. In some other cases, when a casino gives a roulette player a 100% risk-free gamble, it means that he will be wholly reimbursed after losing a game.

Roulette in casino chips from flying – wide shot on a black background

How to Make the Most of a Roulette Bonus

After getting a live casino that offers a roulette bonus, you must be extremely careful about bonus abuse. 

It would help if you kept your bets conservative so that you won’t lose your bonuses. 

It would be best if you also increased your chances more slowly than the standard doubling method. 

Track yourself even if the casino doesn’t have a tracking system to know what to do to redeem your bonus.

Where to Get a Roulette Bonus

Getting a roulette bonus at an online casino is possible even though it’s not common. This is because some live casinos only offer rewards for American roulette or require a large amount of wager to redeem your bonus. 

Find an online casino that gives a roulette bonus before making a deposit and go through the rules and regulations to avoid confiscation of winnings. Sometimes there are live casinos that offer other prizes on the roulette games that are not included in the regular online casino bonuses.

Advantages of Roulette Bonus

The advantage of an online roulette bonus is that it allows you to play for a low stake. Players have multiple chances of roulette bonuses at top roulette websites; this increases the chances of players hitting a jackpot. So roulette players should get enough rewards only available at the top sites.

The bonus helps players earn more winnings and advance in the games. The trip and vacation bonuses are also advancements for casino players. The tournament allows players to increase their skills and widen their horizons to the game.


While playing roulette, the desire to win is common to all players, and it’s essential to get assistance to aid this process which is why we have the online casino roulette bonuses. Online casinos give roulette bonuses to boost your bankroll and grant you more access to the game.

Online casinos differ when it comes to these bonuses, so, players need to go through the terms and conditions of each casino to be sure of the methods of the rewards and cashing out.

Also, it’s essential to understand the rudiments of getting the most out of an online roulette bonus because some roulette bonuses are better than others when it comes to terms and conditions.

Finally, roulette online casino bonuses are extra funds to players. It increases the fun and entertains players by pushing them to aim higher and achieve more during the game.