UNITED STATES—Gaming is the world’s most popular form of entertainment, and that won’t change in 2023. From the metaverse to massively multiplayer online games, the industry is expected to continue to grow and attract new players. Keep reading to learn about the top gaming trends to expect this year.

Mobile Gaming is the Future

Technological advances have made it possible for us all to carry powerful computers, aka smartphones, in our pockets and take them with us everywhere we go. So, it’s no surprise that mobile gaming has taken off in recent years, becoming the biggest segment of the worldwide gaming market.

Once upon a time, people traveled to arcades and casinos to play their favorite games. Mobile gaming changed everything. Fans of casino games can play them from the comfort of their homes at the best casinos online, and those who prefer arcade-style games can also find them online.

That’s not all; competitive multiplayer mobile gaming is also gaining steam, with titles like PUBG Mobile turning esports into a global phenomenon. Many gamers are drawn to multiplayer games because they’re engaging and encourage social interaction.

Plus, defeating other games results in a sense of accomplishment. The enthusiasm for mobile gaming shows no signs of slowing down this year and will only gain momentum.

Cross-Platform Releases

While people still enjoy watching TV series like the Watcher on Netflix, gaming remains the world’s most popular form of entertainment. For a long time, if you bought a game for your PS5, you couldn’t communicate with gamers playing the same title on an Xbox. All of that’s beginning to change.

As the name suggests, video games with this functionality can be played across platforms, allowing players to compete against each other using different video game hardware. Gamers have been asking for this for years, and the technology has finally caught up to their demands, allowing studios to produce these types of games.

Cloud Streaming Devices

Imagine Netflix for gaming; that’s the promise of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming allows players to stream video games directly from a server to their gaming device using a cloud gaming service. Connections take place in seconds, and there’s no difference between playing a game with a local copy if you have a solid internet connection.

With fiber broadband and 5G becoming more widespread, the technological constraints on this technology have started to disappear. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have been at the forefront of pushing this new trend. Even Netflix is getting in on the action, promising to create its own catalog of streamable games.

Fitness Gaming

Since its inception, gaming has been a largely sedentary activity. However, that changed with the release of Wii Fit in 2007, which transformed how people thought of video games and attracted new people to gaming.

We can expect even more of this in 2023, with people working up a sweat, burning calories, and getting into shape while playing video games. Wearable technology and game developers producing interesting title has led to renewed interest in this genre. We can expect more fitness gaming and active video game titles in the near future.