HELLO AMERICA!—Actress Tori Spelling has spent most of her life in front of a camera and quickly lets you know that she has enjoyed every minute.

“I was lucky enough,” she reminded, “to have a dad that loved and cared about the things that made me happy. I felt more at home in front of a camera than anything else growing up in Hollywood. Then, too, being the daughter of Aaron Spelling made it even easier.”

Hollywood being the epicenter of television and motion picture production, without a doubt, to some of the most gifted artists from around the world to its studio gates. No matter where you travel, there are always questions about Hollywood and its stars that vicariously have become an important part of their daily existence.

“When we were doing the series, Beverly Hills 90210,” Spelling offered, “we received thousands of letters daily from young and older people who cared deeply about the character we, respectively, created and played. I, personally, received advice, warnings about other characters affecting mine or questions as to why I was allowing certain romantic situations to evolve.  In other words, people cared and they were extremely protective and, man, they didn’t hesitate to let you know about it.”

Since those many seasons on 90210, your life has experienced so many twists and turns affecting marriage, kids, finances, poor investments, along with the determination to remain a resident in Beverly Hills where you were born and raised; what has kept you strong, what survival mode was necessary to not completely throw in the towel and simply become a house wife and mother?

“Wow! What a question!” she shot back! “I think it’s something I got from my dad. No matter how tough a situation he had to deal with, he simply jumped to it and raised hell. And he wouldn’t stop kicking until he got the answers he needed to have an order to continue an objective. And I believe, in that way, I’m very much like him. It’s true, my marriage was and still is not perfect, but what is marriage, really? I have five kids, I love ‘em to death and I’m very protective, but I allow them to make their own mistakes, in the end, they also realize what they shouldn’t do, in repeating the same mistake. This is something, all of us are subject to learning and understanding as time goes on. Believe me, I’ve learned so much about life, love, sacrifice and accepting who I really am as a woman and human being.”

When asking what was possibly in the future, she laughed heartily and said, “It really doesn’t matter, you know, as long as I have my family close to me to care about! It gives me the constant reason to go out there to prove again and again that I still have something to offer that might make people laugh, especially at themselves. After all, I’m just a girl from Beverly Hills, Oh, yes, a very LUCKY girl from Beverly Hills. And don’t forget to keep watching our show TORI AND DEAN!”