UNITED STATES—A lawn tractor is a time-saving machine. But which model is most suitable for your terrain? We have looked at ratings, reviews, and specs to come up with the top 3 for 2021.

Tractors should not be confused with riding lawn mowers. The latter are designed for simple cutting. Tractors have more muscle, and they are chosen for larger properties. Visit https://www.tractor-specs.net/cub-cadet-lawn-tractors to see the recommended specs. Stronger and more powerful, these machines can tow and haul, too.

The Best Tractors of 2021

In our research, we have compared the value and power of over a dozen models. Generally, buyers are looking for high performance and a wider functionality compared to a lawnmower. Here is our ultimate winner:

1.   Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series 46-inch

This model is praised in hundreds of customer reviews. The price ($1,899) is modest and similar to that of John Deere’s E120. The tractor has a 16-inch radius, a V-Twin engine with 22 HP, and a smooth hydrostatic transmission. This tractor is ideal for spacious yards.

The seat may be adjusted for the driver’s comfort. Even thick, wet grass is mowed evenly thanks to the IntelliPower™ technology. This model is the best overall.

2.   Troy-Bilt Pony 42-inch

This entry-level model tractor delivers the best value for money. Despite the low price ($1,300, similar to a riding mower), the machine has impressive power. The Pony has a tight 18-inch turn radius, and it is equipped with an adjustable 7-speed transmission.

The dimensions of the blade are also larger in comparison with other models of the same price range. The tractor ensures a smooth ride. It is reliable, requires little maintenance, and will start easily even in cold temperatures.

3.   John Deere E120

This model is your best workhorse, as it has enough torque for many difficult tasks. For instance, its level lifts heights of 1-4 inches. E120 has a powerful 20 HP engine of the V-Twin type. It guarantees a smooth ride. You can even use cruise control.

The control compartment is ergonomically designed. You will appreciate the ease of changing oil — this tractor has an impressive 30-second system. There is a choke-free ready-start system. Finally, the composite hood does not fade or rust.

Choosing a Lawn Tractor

Consider machine power and transmission. For example, hilly terrains with a lot of grass require comfortable seating, a powerful engine, and hydrostatic transmission. If you have only half an acre to lawn, 20 HP is too much.

Do not rely on online reviews alone. Many buyers discover the seating is uncomfortable only when they assemble the machine. Make sure the shifters and pedals are convenient. Try sitting on the model before purchasing it. Finally, consider the attachments. The tractor may not include all the parts you need. Alternatively, you may also be paying for unneeded accessories.