SANTA MONICA—The Big Blue Bus recently announced a new cost for transferring from a bus to any rail on the Metro Expo Line for only $0.50. The municipal bus operator published the news last week which was promoted by the city’s of Santa Monica’s official Facebook page. With connections to the Metro Expo Line along every Big Blue Bus route, transfers will provide riders with a simple and economical public transportation means to complete a one-way trip via bus and rail.

“Riders can transfer to Expo or Big Blue Bus for just $0.50 ($0.25 for S/D/M), by purchasing an ‘Interagency Transfer’ (also known as an IAT)” states the Big Blue Bus’ announcement. “IATs allow riders to board one additional bus or rail line, without paying a full fare for the second boarding (click here for more details on IATs).”

Some valuable pieces of information to keep in mind prior to and while purchasing an IAT include:

  • IATs are valid for two (2) hours from the time of purchase, and can be used to board one (1) additional Metro Bus, Metro Rail, or most other regional bus lines.
  • Only one transfer may be purchased per paid fare.
  • When boarding a bus using a transfer, another transfer cannot be purchased.
  • Riders must pay full fare when transferring from one Big Blue Bus to another Big Blue Bus

Big Blue Bus encourages riders to plan ahead to get the most of their ride when using its service, as well as when transferring to a Metro Expo Line. The bus operator informs riders that when a transfer is made at the new cost, “the total cost of your trip will be $1.75 ($1.25 on Big Blue Bus + $0.50 transfer to Expo). You just saved yourself $1.25!”

For additional information regarding the new price of a transfer between Big Blue Bus and Metro Expo Line public transportation services as well as details on how to properly transfer from one to another, visit