UNITED STATES—Most people equate traveling with stress. However, that’s not the case if you bring someone that you care about along with you. Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not, according to beyondthecharter.com. These individuals end up with a stronger relationship and more passion than the ones that don’t travel together. We’re going to break down why this is the case.

Travel Has Long-Term Benefits For Couples

The first understanding that people have developed regarding couples traveling together is that there are several long-term benefits. The first benefit is that you get to know your partner very well. You can only truly know how someone behaves when they are tired, stressed, and irritable. All of those things are bound to happen when you’re traveling, and if you can put up with one another, then you can see how they act and make sure that you are compatible when you’re at your worst. That’s sort of a back-handed compliment, though, and there are true benefits. Among them are the chance to make memories in new places around the world. You can travel to your home country and it’s beautiful and interesting, but if you travel internationally, then you’re treading new paths together. The two of you will have completely unique memories of that place with each other, and that can be a foundation upon which you build your relationship.

Travel helps build and maintain relationships

Building relationships is difficult and maintaining them is even harder. However, travel can actually help in both endeavors. As we’ve mentioned, when you travel with someone, you get to know the best and worst of them, and that can actually make you’re a stronger couple. You get an intimate look at someone’s life, learn their philosophy on living, and it gives you an excuse to spend time together from dawn until dusk. The ability to be with one another so much can help you determine compatibility, make memories, and be together in a significant way. The maintenance aspect of a relationship is also important to consider in this way. Specifically, people that have been in long-term relationships understand that they can get stagnant. People get bored of the same old day in and day out interactions that they don’t feel as though they’re gaining anything from the relationship. Fortunately, traveling with a partner can revitalize this aspect of dating someone. After all, you’re going to new places, having adventures, and then going home to be with someone that is still familiar and safe. That will make you both feel great and revitalize your relationship in a significant way.

Travel ignites a romance and deepens intimacy

People get tired of their hometowns and the places in which they work. There is no spark, no mystery, and nothing new to excited about. That’s one of the reasons that they choose to travel. That kind of boredom combined with a relationship is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. However, when you travel with a person, you get to experience all the new things that you can’t get in your home. You get to explore with someone and try new things. Many couples go to very interesting locations like tropical islands or beautiful cities around the world. They see sights that they both have talked about and dream about every night. They’ll climb mountains, go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or ice skate in New York City in the winter. There are so many things about traveling that can bring people together so they can make romantic memories with one another. Another thing that travel does is increase and deepens the level of intimacy between people. Sometimes, individuals need a mental reset that will prompt a physical response as well. That can increase the kind of intimacy that is romanticized in many advertisements; it will make you want to be physically closer. However, the true level of intimacy stems from the closeness and exhilaration that people feel when they get to be in a new place with someone they love. It’s a breath of fresh air that allows you to detach yourselves from the difficult aspects of your life and just relish the experiences as they come.

Traveling is great for couples for many reasons. Whether you’re trying to get to know each other a little better or you’re trying to restart your love life, it’s important to go and experience an adventure with one another from time to time. Remember that it’s good to travel to places that you both want to visit and that you’ll both enjoy. Don’t use this opportunity to be selfish when you can instead use it as a way to grow closer with your partner and explore the world with one another.