HOLLYWOOD—I knew Adam Newman would gain the leverage he needed against Audra Charles on “The Young and the Restless.” Adam is like a viper; once he sets his sights on something he doesn’t let it go. For example, he gained that leverage for Phyllis on Tucker about him paying off a victim who was sexually harassed by one of his artists. Yeah, when Phyllis dropped that bomb on Tucker his face said it all. Seems like that leverage she needed worked in her favor. We’ll talk more about that later.

Tucker delivered a tongue lashing to Audra for failing to cover up the lawsuit so others couldn’t find it. Yeah, Tucker was not pleased, but the gleeful smile that Adam had when he delivered that news to Audra was well worth it. He made it clear she would do his bidding or else the truth would be exposed. Adam wanted Audra to make it happen so that Adjustus is merged with Newman Media. Adam just won’t give up until he gets what he wants, no matter if Victor Newman warned him otherwise.

Victor laid down the hammer yet again to Adam after Audra spilled the tea to Victor and Nikki about what Adam had over her thanks to Kyle. Yeah, Kyle and Audra have chemistry, but I wonder how he’s going to feel once Summer moves on. I think his jealous gene is absolutely going to kick in people and I’m all for it. This is also news to Sharon and Nick who are attempting to work as a cohesive unit, but Adam’s antics will make it difficult. Especially after Victoria learned Audra and Nate were keeping secrets again.

Victoria you are right there, the truth is staring you in the eyes, you cannot trust Audra or Nate, but you refuse to acknowledge you may have made a mistake and Nick is right. Nate, Adam said it best, you need to embrace the villain that you are. You are not a good guy, and when the truth comes out, if you think your own family alienated you, just wait to see what the Newman clan does to you.

Back to Phyllis, looks like Christine took another loss, as Phyllis went against Heather’s wishes and spilled her truth to the judge. As a result, forget that plea deal that Christine offered Phyllis to ensure that Summer didn’t face any charges. Why? The judge gave Phyllis 6 months of community service and 1 year probation. Only on a soap opera can you fake your death and kill someone (granted self-defense) and not face the music. So, Phyllis was given another chance at making the wrongs in her life right, but Daniel and Summer have decided to cut her off for the moment. They want her to learn from her mistakes, and I agree. I just wonder how Diane and Jack are going to feel about this development.

With that said, Summer is starting to take control of her life, quite literally and figuratively as she got on a roller coaster to unleash her emotions. Summer is indeed going through it, but I’m glad to see Chance is by her side. I like a Chance and Summer pairing. The writers are slowly, and I mean slowly letting this relationship build. It feels similar to Sharon and Chance, but I feel that was more lust than a connection. Something about Chance and Summer feels like it could be the real deal.

The other narrative worth discussing is the impending nuptials between Ashley and Tucker. Yes, these two are indeed husband and wife, just as Ashley and Jack had a small ceasefire in their war over the family company, Jabot, but it erupted again at the wedding.  Ashley is building her own company and planning to appoint Billy to a top role where he doesn’t have to be in the Jack’s shadow for once. Yeah, it feels like Billy might not be the mole that Jack and Diane expected; Ashley might have an angle with her brother, and they are becoming concerned.

Adam and Sally are getting reacquainted (as they should be), which means Nick might be left out in the cold. I’m ok with that if it draws him back to Sharon, who is the one true love of his life. The Nick and Adam constantly sharing the same woman saga is time for it to end.