BEVERLY HILLS — TreePeople, an environmental non-profit organization, is offering a novel idea to give during the holidays with their tax deductible tree dedications, which will help revive tree populations throughout Los Angeles.

TreePeople, located on Mulholland Drive, started as the California Conservation Project (CCP) in 1973 when Andy Lipkis, an enterprising 17-year-old, raised $10,000 to plant 8,000 pine trees at local summer camps. Throughout the 1970s, the CCP played an increasing role in the Los Angelescommunity, planting 80,000 trees, educating children about the environment and providing flood and disaster relief. The public unofficially called CCP “the tree people,” which inspired the organization’s name change from California Conservation Project to TreePeople.

For $25, one tree will be planted and the recipient of the dedication will receive a personalized greeting card. Tree dedications are available throughout the year, but a special limited-edition Christmas card will be sent during the holiday season. For $100, a grove of trees will be dedicated and the recipient will receive a special certificate, which can be framed in rustic recycled wood for an additional cost of $30.

All contributions will go toward supporting TreePeople’s campaign to plant new trees and care for old ones that have experienced neglect, fires and other disasters. The campaign focuses on the Angeles National Forest, theSanta Monica Mountains and schools and parks in the North East San Fernando Valley and South L.A./Inglewood, according to Michell Sanchez, Tree People’s Development Associate.

“We plant trees native to California, but always consider the area to ensure the best rate of survival,” Sanchez said to Canyon News. “We tend to plant a lot of Jeffrey and Coulter Pines and California Oak in the woodland and mountain forest area,” he added.

According to the International Society of Arboriculture, one mature tree can absorb all the carbon dioxide released by a car driving about 26,000 miles.

For tree dedications, visit, call 818-7573-TREE or 818-753-8733. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.