UNITED STATES—The job market now is one of the most unpredictable things out there. Especially for the past several years, when you never know how today’s events will affect tomorrow. 

Some trends are stable and here to stay. For instance, IT and computer sciences fields are blooming. But what should you do if you are not interested in tech or want to change your career path?

If you are ready to hop on trends and find the highest-paying job, this article is for you. Be equipped with resume examples 2021 and get a helping hand from topresume reviews that would polish your resume. Even though you never know what happens tomorrow, your CV is still your ticket to the best careers out there. 

If you are out there in Montana or looking to relocate in the future, this list will get you an overview of potential opportunities. Prepare your CV, review your skills, and get ready to choose the job of your dreams. 

Trends to Look up to 

The rise of remote work

Pandemics brought changes to ordinary routines and practices. The most obvious trend is remote work, which also shows that it’s here to stay. Most firms plan to shift to remote work plans or provide workers with mixed models. It is easier to find a position that would allow you to follow all the requirements and stay at home. 

Remote work doesn’t mean a more flexible schedule. Yet, many workers believe it doesn’t affect the usual work routines but encourage them to be more productive. This model is also beneficial for neurodiverse people who work at their own pace. 

The shift to a remote model also allows hiring people in other countries. It allows people all across the US to think about relocation later in their careers. 

More possibilities for a career change

You have an opportunity to get back into the job market with benefits after a moment of isolation. It is a period when many people got new skills or reevaluated how they can contribute to their careers better. Now, if you hear that someone is making a career change at 50, you won’t raise a brow and act surprised. The trend of people dictating the relevance of some jobs is also on point. 

Amid the pandemic, many employers also eased requirements for positions. You now can apply for a job and expect to get the necessary experience on the spot. You are still obliged to understand the position and look at how to make a killer resume to get into the industry. Less pressure on you as a newcomer means higher performance. 

Wage growth 

According to some reports, much of the wage growth comes from blue-collar and manual services professions. The leisure and hospitality sectors, as well as transportation and warehousing, have increased hourly earnings. The wage decrease in some positions also implies that some jobs may become obsolete soon. 

Essential jobs increase in demand 

IT will never stop expanding and developing. Software engineers, security specialists, we all know these positions will be relevant. On the other hand, medical professionals are now in peak demand. Occupational therapists and mental health professionals are some of the most popular jobs for an individual to master.

If you doubt that you can invest your time and money into studies, think about the benefit of having a job contributing to society. Some options are not easy, and some options allow you to learn on the go.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Montana


  • Annual salary – $261k 

One of the key positions in healthcare is often overlooked. Even though an anesthesiologist doesn’t have patients, they are involved in almost all processes and carry significant cases. The flexible but demanding schedule is not a problem for this profession.

An anesthesiologist’s job requires standard medical training and residency. 


  • Annual salary – $233k

Womens’ health and child care are some of the most demanding professions. A high-quality professional who has empathy for their patients is always worth the gold. 

To become an OB-GYN, you need to complete standard medical training and residency. 


  • Annual salary $206k

Yet another medical care profession that deservingly gets one of the highest wages in the state of Montana. Physicians are cooperating with other specialists to provide patients with the best solutions and support. This job requires years of medical school training and residency as well. 

Executive director 

  • Annual salary – $150k+ 

Executive directors come from managerial backgrounds of organizations and businesses. It is easy to get into a job to ascend to the position or prove you are worthy of the position. Depending on the industry, the skills required may vary. 

Petroleum engineers

  • Annual salary – $130k

A list of petroleum engineer responsibilities includes the development and design of methods for extracting oil and gas from natural deposits. As an engineer, you either would work for oil companies, universities, or research institutions. All engineers must have an engineering degree and relevant certification.

Project manager 

Annual salary – $100k+ 

This job is one of the hottest out there, as many IT companies require strong and competent managers to lead projects. Project managers are supervisors who can multitask and provide solutions. Depending on your field of interest, you need to have a great understanding of the industry and trends. 

Public defender

Annual salary – $90k+

Public defenders are assigned to represent clients’ cases in courts and prepare documents for the processes. Depending on your education and interest, you can work on various cases. At the same time, public defenders are supported by the government, and it’s one of the best legal jobs.

Wrapping up

Without a doubt, your final choice of career depends on your interests. One of the most prominent trends of 2021 is choosing a career not tied to financial prosperity. Many people are not driven by potential income as much as satisfaction and meaning of their position. 

Many other positions show a decrease in requirements and increase in salaries; it’s also important to stay updated with the latest job offers. At the same time, it is relevant to always have a fresh and updated CV to apply with.