LOS ANGELES—The news wasn’t great for two locations which stock and sell marijuana in Los Angeles. LAPD officers investigated Medco Organics’s dispensary and TRC dispensary this week. Complaints against one of the marijuana sellers on Vermont Avenue ultimately led to the discovery and investigation of a seller located on West Pico Boulevard, and at least three arrests.

The LAPD released the names of three men arrested in connection to the marijuana dispensary ring. Rinaldo Cruzado, 36, Stas Dolinsky, 40, and Noah Kleinman, 34, were arrested during the police investigation. According to the LAPD, all three of the men were assigned a bail of $20,000. It is unclear at this time exactly what the relationship between the men and the dispensaries is, and what, if any, relationship exists between the three men who were arrested.

According to the LAPD, the entire investigation began after unnamed individuals lodged complaints against “Medco Organics” and its sale of medical marijuana. The LAPD says that the complaints were reportedly lodged “in response to community complaints of a medical marijuana dispensary operating in proximity to a school.”

Medco Organics is located on Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles, and it was  during a visit to the Vermont Avenue location that “Investigators discovered a second dispensary where the illegal sale of marijuana was taking place… known as ‘The Relief Co.’ or ‘TRC.'”

The issue over the sale of marijuana is a contentious one in California. While many residents believe that marijuana should remain an illegal drug, many residents believe its sale should be legalized and regulated. In recent months, a petition circulated through the state, in the effort to gain enough signatures to put marijuana sale and legalization on the November ballot. Certification is still pending on the measure to legalize marijuana sale in the state.