AGOURA —Troutdale Incorporated is a company that helps create an oasis in the desert that is Southern California. Just minutes outside of the city, park goers can retreat to an almost dreamlike existence at the All You Can Fish park and recreation center. The family-run activities park welcomes hundreds of residents each week and it’s also becoming a new spot for tourists who visit the Los Angeles area. It is not hard to see why when you visit the wonderful family-friendly setting where kids and parents can spend quality time enjoying the beautiful lake and all the other great activities at the park.

The hidden-away Shangri-La is the place every city dweller should try to spend time with their kids this summer. Though it’s tough for parents in an urban region to find new and interesting places to take kids to enjoy during their summer break, this place should be on the top of your list. The park’s owner describes the three-acre property as, “A wonderful place to get away from the city for a few hours or an afternoon with your family and just forget about everything else going on in your life and in the world,” said Aram Shirikchyan. “We enjoy making this facility family friendly and promise if you come here, you’ll have a great time.”

The facility also offers all the arrangements for parties and picnics both morning, noon and evening. Currently a section is being constructed to offer the full amenities of an outdoor party and owner Shirikchyan tells readers to contact him directly for the progress report of this new section. “We are excited about what is going on here. It’s always great to see our guests arrive and enjoy themselves. When people leave at the end of their stay, they always leave with smiles on their faces and their kids thoroughly enjoy their time here.” Families have birthdays, bar mitzvahs and reunions at the facility and with the new section under construction, it will become easier more visitor friendly for all types of affairs.

Fishing, picnics, even a place for romantics who want to spend time together. The family friendly facility can be found in Agoura Hills just outside of the city. You can contact the owner by going to his official website at