HOLLYWOOD—You realize a show is a hit when it’s all the rage during commercial breaks at the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards show. Even on the red carpet there was banter, “I wonder who will die tonight on the ”˜True Blood’?” As “True Blood” began on Sunday night, the title “Fresh Blood” became highly appropriate. When the exciting episode kicked off, Bill was trying very hard to earn Sookie’s trust once again. The previous episodes had left Sookie doubting the man she loves. However, by the end of the episode, fans saw Sookie lying on the floor unconscious with gaping bite wounds caused by the two vampires, Eric and King Russell of Mississippi.

Knowing he’s no physical match for the King, Eric tempted Russell with the ultimate vampire dream, which is to live in the sunlight. It ultimately turned out not to be as miraculous as Russell initially believed it would be. Truebie Nicole Stuckey was moved by Eric’s devotion to his late family. “Eric’s devotion and commitment to revenge for the death of his family at the hands of Russell over a 1000 years ago is honorable and again sheds light on his other side,” said Ms. Stuckey.

Jason tried to wrap his head around Crystal’s revelation. Being a were-panther was a lot for viewers to take in, surely it would be as difficult or more so for Jason to understand it all. However, Jason had a mental high point for the night, as he did manage to figure out the teenage football player’s secret. He’s using “V” in order to perform such amazing feats on the Bon Temp High School football field. Ryan Kwanten’s biggest fan Nicole Stuckey tells Canyon News, “Jason needs to get it in his head to stay away from the were-panther, Crystal. Nothing good is coming from that. But I love that Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship is rekindled.”

Rene’ Thurston a devoted “True Blood” viewer and avid Canyon News reader said of tonight’s episode, “This cannot be the end for Eric Northman! I couldn’t fathom ”˜True Blood’ without him! Even if Bill manages to make Sookie understand why he went along with the plan for Eric and Russell to drink her blood, she may never forgive him. Her trust was already shaky, and this may have just broken it all-together. Lastly, I’m completely intrigued as to what Jesus and Lafayette stumbled into in their V-induced stupor. Lafayette’s mother already alluded to him having powers, and Jesus certainly has a colorful past as well.”

Alabama viewer Kim said, “Tommy, I am still reeling from tonight’s episode. I must admit I wasn’t exactly feeling the love when it came to Eric! It sure looked like he was throwing our sweet Sookie to the wolves to save his own hide, but he had a plan. I just hope the plan does not include Eric sacrificing himself in order to save Sookie. As you can tell, I’m now feeling the love again for the big tall handsome noble Northman!”

Sam embraced his dark side, alienating everyone except Tara. Sam also broke his brother Tommy’s heart, leaving Tommy to take desperate measures to take care of himself.

Hoyt and Jessica took their romance to the next level. He left ex-girlfriend Summer and his mother heartbroken. The heartbroken duo were last seen on Sunday night plotting against Hoyt and Jessica. With Holly’s help, Arlene put her future in the hands of a goddess. Though the outcome was not what she and viewers were expecting. Post V-trip from last week’s episode, Lafayette struggled with new demons and a possible breakup between he and Jesus.

“While many truths were revealed tonight. Perhaps the truth that we all wanted to know wasn’t, will Sookie and Bill’s love survive this? To quote the famous Bette Davis line from ”˜All About Eve,’ ”˜Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,” concluded Truebie Bobby Head.

Nancy Oliver wrote the episode titled “Fresh Blood” which was directed by Daniel Minahan. “True Blood” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO. Next Sunday during the Labor day holiday, the show will encore the past three episodes beginning at 8 p.m. Then watch for the season finale on Sunday, September 12 at its regular time. Join us Truebies on Facebook where we are over four million strong and growing. Facebook | True Blood


Photographs Courtesy: True Blood Poster by HBO Productions and Black Panther by Link 81 Collection