HOLLYWOOD—On Sunday night, prepare for the return of the dysfunctional Stackhouse siblings, Sookie and Jason. Sookie is minus her fiancé vampire Bill Compton and Jason is minus his marbles. Or what was left of them before. On the season two finale Jason shot and killed Eggs, who was hovering over Deputy Andy with a knife. Jason’s never killed anyone before, so fans are expecting a cataclysmic change to the one-time no worries type of guy. Who or what will Jason encounter in the woods? Sookie’s going to start her search for the man she loves. This season her mantra is, “I was taught to fight back!” Gone will be the heroine who seemed to have men protect her, meet the new Sookie Stackhouse. I hear she’s packing heat!

Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman is back with more problems than he can count. After a thousands year on this earth as the undead, don’t expect his life to get any easier. If anything it will be harder. Arlene faces a whole new challenge in her life. One she didn’t expect at this stage in her life. However, the repercussions of being possessed by evil maenad Maryann will leave a lot of people vulnerable and changed forever. Tara not only lost Eggs last season, but she’s lost her will to live. Look for a knight in vampire armor to take up residence in her sleepy town, then soon turn into a bad guy.

Fans are excited about everything this season. Sam’s on a mission to find the family he never knew. Being an adopted child, he’s decided to seek out the birth parents who gave him up. White trash is the nicest thing we can say about these people. Sam will soon come upon the revelation why they actually gave him up 34 years ago. A well placed “True Blood” source tells Canyon News, “He’s going to wish he had not gone looking for his family. He’s only going to find trouble.”

Trouble is also going to appear on the first episode of the season at Sookie’s doorstep. Alcide will turn out to be a lot more than Sookie’s protector. Spoiler alert, or maybe not? Alcide will be a werewolf, and his “Irene in Time” leading lady actress Kelly deSarla tells Canyon News, “The man is a walking god. He’s handsome, his eyes are so beautiful, he’s charismatic and really buff for this role. I plan to be right on my couch in front of my television set on Sunday night.”

“True Blood” has created a legion of tens of millions of devout followers known as Truebies. HBO has celebrated the end of season two and the welcoming of season three by having great interaction and contests for the show’s loyal viewers. Cast and crew, including actor William Sanderson who portrays Sheriff Bud Dearborne have been keeping tight-lipped about the upcoming storylines this season. Sanderson recently told Canyon News, “I don’t think Alan [Ball] or HBO would want any of the secrets out yet. But, you can rest assured, the season takes off and it’s very exciting. Bud has his hands full again this season.”

Full hands is what viewers want for their favorite TV lawman. However, with the King of Mississippi arriving in town, I doubt there will be any law whatsoever. Bon Temps is going to be jumping more than the quaking of Los Angeles. Viewers are excited and so is this critic.

“True Blood” airs Sunday nights this summer at 9 p.m. on HBO.


Show poster Courtesy: HBO Productions