UNITED STATES— On Thursday, May 24, President Donald Trump cancelled the planned summit between the United States and North Korea. In a letter sent to Kim Jong Un, Trump said, “I was very much looking forward to being there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting. Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place.”

The two heads of state previously agreed to meet face-to-face on June 12 in Singapore. It would have been a historic first, as the United States has never sat down with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un.

In an announcement made in the Roosevelt Room, Trump noted that this move would be a “tremendous setback.” President Trump was also quick to tout the American military presence.

“Our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world that has been greatly enhanced recently as we all know, is ready as necessary,” said Trump. “If and when Kim Jong Un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions, I am waiting,” he added.

On Saturday, Trump stated: “I just want to mention we’re doing very well in terms of the summit with North Korea. Looks like it’s going along very well there. As you know, there are meetings going on as we speak.”