UNITED STATES—The Trump Administration launched an interactive online platform allowing uncensored opinions via social media that supports freedom of speech. The platform collects individuals contact information at the same time, including zip codes and phone numbers. This is  a part of the administration’s new strategy to secure the re-election campaign, as Americans head to the polls in November 2020 for the Presidential Election.

The website was launched by The White House on Wednesday, May 20, encouraging citizens to express their point of views openly. This website will also be a useful tool in the event that someone feels they have been falsely censored, banned or suspended from a social media platform. President Donald Trump cites previous issues he had with online platforms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, who he alleges were blocking opinions from conservatives. Trump explains the strategy by blaming Facebook, Google and Twitter for censoring and filtering out individuals’ opinions about political parties they support, conservatives in particular. The companies refuted claims made by the Commander-in-Chief.

The website is also designed to recruit voters for President Trump’s re-election campaign. He has been stressing that his upcoming re-election campaign is under risk, as individuals and news sources have been a major impediment to his campaign. He recently attacked Fox News with a post he made on Twitter criticizing individuals like Donna Brazile and Niel Cavuto for not supporting him, as well as republicans in the upcoming election period.