UNITED STATES—Our president relies on his gut instinct when making decisions, but metaphorically speaking, it too often can lead to serious digestive problems.

His gut is also employed as it relates to how he feels about a lot people, as in hating their guts. Put these two analogies together and we are about to see what happens when these two gastro examples collide.

Donald Trump seems to hate Barack Obama’s guts. Why? Even to the untrained eye, it is obvious that he resents all that he is that The Donald is not.  He is classy, well-spoken, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, a loving family man who is widely admired around the globe. He is also other things to people whose politics are anti-ethical to his. These are legitimate reasons why someone would not be enamored with the otherwise decent man that is 44, yet Obama’s politics is not what enrages Trump. It is witnessing the admiration that our former president elicits that has always eluded Trump.

So what happens when he relies on his gut when getting advice from someone whose guts he hates?

He gets Mike Flynn. Mike Flynn, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was fired by Obama because of mismanagement and temperament issues. Trump was warned by the outgoing president not to hire him.

So what does 45 do?  He went with his gut and put Mike Flynn in his orbit as National Security Advisor, and now, because he refused to follow Obama’s advice, our president may be about to experience a pain that will follow him for the rest of his life.

Obama’s decision to fire Flynn almost seems quaint and naïve when compared to what quickly led to his demise in the brand new Trump administration. We now know that Flynn was paid nearly $34,000 by a Russian state media outlet, and he had private conversations with the Russian ambassador regarding sanctions, suggesting they would soon be lifted under a Trump administration.

But this is likely only the tip of the iceberg because Mike Flynn has been commended by the special prosecutor’s office for offering his full cooperation, we don’t yet know how damaging his testimony will be.

We should all hope that it is served up in as soothing a way as possible, because if it’s too hot to ingest, we may have a president doubled over in writhing pain because the bombshell news did not go down as easily as his burgers and fries.