HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a reveal people because “The Young and the Restless” dropped one that I did not see coming from a million miles away. The viewers have known for a period of time that Diane Jenkins had an ally she was working with. My brain never in a million years would have expected that person to be Tucker McCall, yes people, Tucker McCall, Devon’s father!

He was last played by Stephen Nichols, but the new face of the business mogul is now Trevor St. John. Tucker has been gone for a period of time, and with all the connections he has in Genoa City, it is nice to have him back. Tucker’s big reveal transpired at Kyle and Summer’s renewal vows. To say that Nikki, Phyllis, Diane and Jack Abbott were surprised would be an understatement people. Tucker flew in on a helicopter and made his presence well known as he wanted to give Kyle and Summer a gift, a Bentley, the same one Diane was cruising around in Los Angeles. Kyle and Summer seem to be happy and have not much going on besides not realizing that both of their parents are up to no good and it will be egg on their faces when the truth about Diane is exposed and Phyllis is forced to come clean about what she has been up to people.

Nice touch by Tucker, unaware that Nikki was just in LA and was able to garner these details people. Nikki and Phyllis compared notes and they are close, but haven’t definitively connected the dots between Tucker and Diane, but they are close. Tucker seems to have a big angle regarding Ashley Abbott. Now I know those two were in a relationship in the past, but Tucker is critical that Diane alert him when Ashley Abbott is back in town, I’m trying to figure out why, which is intriguing.

Tucker’s arrival has many people shook, notably, Nate Hastings, whose relationship with Elena all, but looks like it is over. I’m still having trouble figuring out why Elena will NOT just tell Devon what Nate is up to. I mean this guy is trying to take control of Chancellor-Winters from under his cousin’s nose with the help of Victor and Victoria. Man to say I am thrilled that Tucker is back in town is an understatement because Victor hates the guy and the fact that Tucker is NOT GOING TO ALLOW such a takeover to transpire with his son’s company is a power struggle I’m all for people.

Lily and Devon are going to be dumbfounded when they discover what Nate has been up to and he might be exiled from the family permanently. On top of that, it appears Audra Charles is secretly working with Tucker and a bigger bomb: Audra happens to be Noah’s ex from London people. I just want to see the look on Victoria Abbott’s face when she discovers that she has been had people. It is so long overdue that I cannot believe it people. At least Nick was aware trying to take over Chancellor-Winters was a bad idea, but he has his own problems dealing with Adam who knows his brother is sleeping with his ex. Adam is staying cool for now, but it’s apparent he is ready to blow at any given moment.

Adam has other issues as well because Connor has learned that Johnny is his brother and vice versa. Johnny has iced out Billy and Victoria as a result, and now Connor is icing out Chelsea. Not sure what Chelsea’s angle is here people, but she’s creating all sorts of mess. However, it looks like the writers are focused on pairing Billy and Chelsea together again, and I’m ok with it, because those two just don’t click people, they never have to be honest. Things are shifting in a fun way on “The Young and the Restless” America.