HOLLYWOOD—With “True Blood” on hiatus and Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn” in the can, which is to be released a year from now, fans seem obsessed with vampires and werewolves hitting the big and small screens. Thomas Flannery is preparing to start filming the lead role as devious and sensual vampire Charles in “Twilight of the Gods,” playing the next Eric Northman for the vampire genre. Also, news came this week that a teenage werewolf series is in the works and will be filming within days. All kinds of horror films and shows are being shot in preparation for the appetites of moviegoers and TV viewers.

Flannery is very psyched about the idea of bringing a new type of vampire to the big screen. It’s expected to be a mixture of “True Blood” vampire Eric Northman, with a style that is akin to the original vampire-type characters from the past. Internationally respected filmmaker Domiziano Arcangeli, has landed in Hollywood from his home in Italy, and is now preparing to create the sexiest and most thrilling vampire film in decades. “Twilight of the Gods” will have a more adult storyline than the “Twilight” series. However, don’t confuse the two. Where Edward Cullen is a good guy, look for Charles to be a more calculating and even cocky-type of undead.

Domi has recently hired one of the most renowned young film directors of our time, Kern Saxton, who is prepared to take over the reins of the film in the coming days. The top-secret script has been really improved by the team of writers, and casting has officially ended. Executive producer Arcangeli tells Canyon News, “We’re very excited about this film. Things are in the perfect places right now and having such great actors who have signed on is the final process.” Asked what will make “TOTG” stand apart from the current films about vampires, Arcangeli said, “It’s a portrait in black of the new high society, the new jet-set crowd of A-list stars in Hollywood we watch today, who are famous for being rich and gorgeous, but also, sadly for back-stabbing each other to get to a place they desire to be. Think of Bret Easton Ellis’s novels, when you think of this film. It’s a sadistic hunt for celebrity, beauty and status. Frightening secrets of addiction, sexual deprivation and most of all, a compelling and unsettling lack of real virtue or morals.”

In “Twilight of the Gods,” fans will find the beauty of celebrity, fame and wealth very intoxicating and adventurous. However, “what is beautiful and alluring in the beginning can often be a trap,” said Domi. “This is a fast-paced and exciting new film, that viewers will fall in love with. The characters are filled with beauty, charisma and ambition, while the story is exciting and captivating. Our director Saxton just wrapped ”˜Sushi Girl,’ which is also to be released next year. He’s embracing a character who may initially seem like un-redeemable character, but they are actually victims of their own greed and lust.”

I’m so honored to announce that filmmaker and executive producer Domi Arcangeli offered me the role of Thammaso in the film. I’ll be arriving at the Bel Air set at the end of November to shoot what is considered to be a spectacular and very pivotal scene. Director Saxton is accomplished and very independent, producer Arcangeli is one of the most sought after actors and producers in the industry, and when viewers see the charm and mesmerizing acting ability of Flannery, “Twilight of the Gods” will make “True Blood” and “Twilight” fans even more excited about modern day vampires.

Three-time Emmy-winning Casting Director Mark Teschner, who has been in the industry for decades and has cast many films and television series, tells Canyon News why there is a renewed obsession with vampires in Hollywood and by movie and TV audiences around the world. “Who wouldn’t want to be a Vampire! They are sexy, sensual and have eternal life,” said Teschner. “Well, the whole thing about only being able to come out at night would be a drag.”

The “Twilight of the Gods’” tagline by the studio says, “When you are living too fast, you may forget that death comes in a heartbeat.” The film is due to be released in 2011.

Photographs Courtesy: Thomas Flannery as Charles by Mara Magliarditi Photography, Domi Arcangeli by Empire Films and Tommy Garrett as Thommaso by Inbar Television Productions