HOLLYWOOD—Where do I began “General Hospital” faves? So much, and I mean so much has transpired since we last talked about the happenings in Port Charles. As you know, Jason Morgan aka Steve Burton is the real Jason, while Billy Miller is Andrew Cane aka Jason’s long lost twin brother. Now, that the cat is out of the bag, it’s time to chat about some of the repercussions of those actions. Jason has gotten all his former allies back, however, the love of his life, Samantha Morgan is staying by Drew’s side.

This is quite unexpected, but a lot, and I mean a lot has transpired since the real Jason left Port Charles, I mean Sam and Drew have a daughter now and rekindled a romance that she thought was long gone. She is standing by Drew’s side, even though it is quite obvious that Sam still holds a torch for Jason in her heart. That might explain why she does her best to stay as far away from him as possible, but that encounter on the pier was heartbreaking. She wanted to return her wedding ring, but Jason wouldn’t allow it. Complicating the matter even more was the revelation that Sam and Drew aren’t really married.

I mean the writers are making it wide open that at any given moment Sam and Jason could reunite and bring back that spark that was notorious for the lovebirds on “General Hospital.” There is just one tiny problem: fans of Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco don’t want to see anything happen to these lovebirds. I guess the only way to solve this problem is to cross your fingers that Sam has an identical twin sister! Now that would be fun. Speaking of Jason, he is on a mission to find out just who was behind his disappearance from PC for 5 years, and what they hoped to gain from the charade. He has already pegged Cesar Faison as being the mastermind, but he knows from Britt (yes that Britt people) that her father noted he was ‘betrayed’ yet again. Now, fans of the show are well aware that Valentin played some role in Jason’s captivity, but to what degree has yet to unfold. I don’t think he is the big bad evil though; it’s someone else, and I expect it might be a very familiar face from the past.

That brings us to the biggest mystery to date: Jason needs Drew to uncover the mystery! Playing a big role is Dr. Andre Maddox, who noted the key to his research and Drew’s memories are inside an ornament that he gave to Anna Devane some weeks ago. What’s the problem here? Anna has no idea that what Andre delivered to her is much more than an ornament, and it could have some key information about her nefarious foe Faison that could be life-altering. Anna has plenty on her plate as she focuses her takedown of Cassandra, all the while trying to get closer to Finn, who cut her off ice cold, even with Anna holding mistletoe in her hand!

As expected Julian Jerome is out of prison, and looks like he will be a free man any day now. Um that spells trouble for Alexis who is attempting to move on with her life with a new flame, but her love for Julian is so strong those two will be back together before you can count to 3. Michael learned some life-shattering news when Nelle revealed that she was pregnant. Now people, we all know Nelle is not preggers, she is just grasping at straws in her attempt to rekindle her relationship with Michael. Michael seems to be receptive, but if he were smart he’d make her get a pregnancy test ASAP to prove her claims. I mean this woman has sleuthed herself out of more situations than a snake moving through oil.

The question of the hour that still remains is WHO IS THE MASTERMIND behind the Jason switch! I’m seriously hoping with all these hints, “GH” delivers the goods in a way that blows the socks off of viewers. However, we have been teased another mystery that at long last we might get the truth about: the paternity of Nathan!. Yeah, Liesl lied about Victor Cassadine being Nathan’s father, and if it’s not Faison, who rattles Liesl so much she refuses to reveal this juicy tidbit? Time will tell!