UNITED STATES—You might think that, in a casino, be it online or in real life, that it doesn’t matter which game you play because the house always wins. A lot of people feel that all casino games are, at least to some extend, rigged so that whatever happens the vast majority of people will walk away either with nothing, or next to nothing. The world of casinos seem very clear, very black and white and obvious.

It is actually true that the odds are in the favour of the casino, this is simple business and ensures that they don’t go bankrupt. However it is not true that these odds are the same across the bar, far from it, in fact some games have considerably better odds than others. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that you know which are the best games to play and which are the worst from the moment you step into the casino.

Roulette wheel.

It is, of course, fine to play the ones with poorer odds, like slots, but it is good to know that your chances of winning are lower than with some other games. If you want to put these games to the test then the Tropicana casino promotional code will allow you to play online casino games with a cashback bonus meaning that you will not actually have to lose any of your own money. It is the perfect way to test out different games to see which ones fit you the most.

There is not total agreement but there is a general consensus about which games are the best to play in terms of odds with table games being particularly good for anyone looking for the lowest house edge. Two stand out more than the rest though with these being exceptionally good when compared to other games.


This is the best for anyone looking for the best odds for a number of reasons that all combine to make blackjack house edge around 50-50, i.e. you have almost as good a chance as the house of making money. One of the key reasons is that you are playing just you against the dealer, there are no other players to compete with and you only have to beat one persons hand rather than many in games like poker. However it is important to bear in mind that the longer you play the lower your edge becomes so it can make sense to play, then step way, then play again. The lack of competition between you and your fellow player often makes it a more fun game to play as well.


Another game with very good odds, you are again not competing against other players rather you are a team working together to defeat the house and take home a prize. The pass the line bet has around 50-50 odds again making it a good chance of winning. The house edge on a pass the line bet is around 1.4% which is about as low as you are going to get making it a really worthwhile bet and one that should pocket you a little bit of extra money.