BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, May 31 two suspects were arrested by police for their alleged involvement in burglarizing multiple pharmacies in the Beverly Hills region. Officers from the Beverly Hills Police Department arrived at Mickey Fine Pharmacy, located on the 400 block of North Roxbury Drive after 4:00 a.m. to witness a robbery in progress.

Upon arrival, police saw five codeine cough syrup bottles and a box left on the ground in front of the store entrance. The pharmacy was open to the public on Tuesday. Canyon News attempted to speak with the store owner, but he stated that authorities had all of the details regarding the incident and did not provide any comment.

According to authorities, a second suspect fled into the neighborhood south of Wilshire Boulevard and was arrested on the scene. Pharmacy 90210, located at Linden Street and Wilshire Boulevard was also burglarized, according to police. The pharmacy is located around the corner from Mickey Fine Pharmacy. When police arrived on scene they found that the store front window had been shattered.

Canyon News spoke with Lt. Hoshino from the BHPD who indicated that medicine was stolen from pharmacy. He was unable to divulge exact details regarding the amount of medicine that was taken. According to Hoshino, the door was pried opened at the Mickey Fine Pharmacy.

Lt. Hoshino told Canyon News that the investigation is still on-going. Canyon News was also informed that Pharmacy 90210 was open for business on Tuesday. Authorities believe the burglaries are related. No injuries were reported. Authorities have identified the 2 suspects as Terrel Michael Board of Victorville and Jeffrey Phillips of Long Beach.