BEVERLY HILLS—Rapper, Tyga, 28, is being sued by the ex-finance of “American Idol” alum Simon Cowell for unpaid rent in the amount of $40,000. The musician has been in the spotlight in the past for unpaid bills and financial struggles. In 2014, he neglected to pay monthly payments on his 2014 leased Land Rover, and had a lawsuit filed by the company Midway HFCA.

Tyga has a net worth of $2 million net worth. The lawsuit filed against the rapper was for $22,739 of unpaid monthly dues. Midway HFCA claims that Tyga was to pay almost $4,000  a month for a 36-month period.

Along with the unpaid dues, Tyga is expected to pay damages that amount to almost $203,000. It was found that the rapper abandoned the vehicle at an auto repair shop without paying anything towards the repairs. He did not make an appearance to his court date, which resulted in the judge ruling in the favor of Midway. His expenses for the case will cost him a total of 157,152.60, including the car damages, back payments, interest, and legal fees.

Tyga has become familiar with the legal scene, with other lawsuits filed against the rapper for not showing up to performances, unpaid rent, and a t-shirt scandal that resulted in $2 million judgment.